Choice Media TV Tells Douglas County Voucher Story: Spread Hopeful Word

What a week. It may be just enough to motivate me to get this blog back running in full gear. Sorry to disappoint some of you. My election night fresh analysis post got some attention, then Michelle Malkin cited some earlier work I had done on Prop 103 and education funding. Today, it gets better (or maybe worse, depending on your perspective), as my mug is featured in an excellent 8-minute Choice Media TV video feature about the Douglas County Choice Scholarship Program:

You certainly don’t need to watch it for my sake, but please watch it to help keep hope alive… and spread the word. Why? As I wrote in an in-depth post-election analysis for Ed News Colorado, the message has been sent that it’s time to do something different, more effective, more productive with K-12 education. And Douglas County is one of the leading pioneers. (Here’s another post-election piece — about Prop 103 and the teachers union — you might enjoy.)

Now tonight, it’s on to CU-Boulder for a movie premiere panel event, where I figure to be in the minority. Should be fun….

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