Will John Hickenlooper Answer Tough Questions on FasTracks Fabrication?

The Antiplanner blog — experts on all things related to transportation — has posted a question (several, really) for Democrat gubernatorial candidate John Hickenlooper to answer:

Based on what we know today, including 40 percent cost overruns, revenue shortfalls, and the trivial amount of congestion relief that FasTracks is expected to provide, would you still have endorsed the 2004 FasTracks ballot measure? If so, then what are you going to do to make sure you are not again hoodwinked by bureaucrats who want to spend more tax dollars on future megaprojects? And if not, then who will you really represent: the voters, or the bureaucracies and special interest groups that want to take as much money as possible from those voters?

Even nice guys who run for governor have to answer important questions. Based on his recent record failing to address other pressing issues, I am not holding my breath for any answers from John Hickenlooper.

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