Will Colorado Dems Ram Through Dirty Dozen Business Tax Hike Bills?

Word on the street is that the majority Democrats at the State Capitol are preparing to ram through a package of bills repealing tax breaks — not only without a vote of the people as the state constitution’s TABOR would require, but also pushed through the process quickly to minimize public scrutiny and apparent outrage. Taken together, House Bills 1189 through 1200 (look them up here) would end up increasing the tax burden on Colorado businesses and families.

Currently, the “dirty dozen” business tax hike bills are slated on the House calendar for a hearing on appropriations at 8:30 AM tomorrow (Wednesday). The first question then is whether the Democrats will then quickly rush the bills into the Finance Committee — where public testimony is required — to try and hold down the backlash. The second question is whether and how fiscal conservatives and various pro-liberty grassroots groups will be ready themselves to respond. It could set up an interesting showdown between Democrat legislators and a vocal share of the people they are supposed to represent.

Concerned business owners and other citizens who wish to clearly but respectfully share their opinions on one or more of these pieces of legislation may find contact information for the Colorado House of Representatives here. Members of the House Finance Committee are:

  • Joel Judd, chairman (D)
  • Debbie Benefield, vice-chair (D)
  • Brian DelGrosso (R)
  • Jerry Frangas (D)
  • Cheri Gerou (R)
  • Daniel Kagan (D)
  • John Kefalas (D)
  • Jeanne Labuda (D)
  • Ellen Roberts (R)
  • Ken Summers (R)
  • Spencer Swalm (R)

It’s an election year, and apparently the Democrats want to re-fill the state coffers by raising taxes during a painful recession. If they also try to rush it through to shut down debate and hope that nobody is watching, then they’ll be playing with political fire. Tomorrow may be a very interesting day under the Golden Dome.

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