Why Decent Souls Will Be Glad to See Congressman Alan Grayson Lose

One of the silent joys I plan to take on Election Night will be watching the defeat of Florida Democratic Congressman Alan Grayson, truly a despicable figure and, as this NRCC ad puts it (H/T Redstate’s Moe Lane), using his own words to make the case, a “national embarrassment”:

As Hot Air reports, even a liberal MSNBC interviewer had to call Grayson on the carpet for his outrageous attack ad against his Republican opponent Daniel Webster, an ad that took Webster’s recorded comments out of context to make them sound like he said the exact opposite. Watch Grayson dissemble on the cable news program, and you’ll soon join me in rejoicing at his coming defeat.

And if you need a good laugh along the way, watch a good out-of-context spoof ad thrown back in Alan Grayson’s direction.

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