Watching State of the Union? Engage Republicans on Your Mobile Phone

Are you a political junkie who is planning to tune in to tonight’s State of the Union address (9 PM Eastern / 7 PM local)? Why not have more fun by making it interactive? This sounds like a potentially interesting opportunity:

For those on or off the same political page, they are invited to participate in the NRCC’s live chat via SMS during President Obama’s State of the Union address.

To participate, consumers can text either keyword, SOTU or STATE, to the short code 777218.

After opting-in, consumers receive a text message that reads: “Thank you for participating in NRCC’s State of the Union Text Chat. Look here on Wednesday 1/27 for the link to participate.”

Several hours before the State of the Union address, consumers will receive chat instructions via text message: “Voice your opinion! Send ur comments as a message to 777218. View America’s response at Don’t forget to refresh/reload the page to view more msgs. Txt help for help.”

Let’s see if the Republicans can pull it off. Let’s see if they listen. Let’s see if they can mobilize people around the agenda of rolling back the growing Federal leviathan, not just “freezing” it. Whatever they do, let’s represent Colorado in force.

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