Trusted Expert Dick Murphy Endorses J.J. Ament in Colorado Treasurer’s Race

Quick update from the state treasurer’s race. Dick Murphy — former Deputy State Treasurer and one of the most respected and expert conservative figures I know in the area of school finance (and public finance generally) — has come out vocally behind candidate J.J. Ament (official campaign release touting endorsement below the fold):

Centennial – Former Colorado Deputy Treasurer Dick Murphy released a letter today endorsing J. J. Ament for State Treasurer and refuting allegations made by Ament’s opponent Muhammad Ali Hasan.

Murphy specifically refuted Hasan’s claim that Colorado has over $3.5 billion invested in ‘bailout companies.’ He went on to confirm that none of Ament’s financial work has ever been anti-TABOR or anti-taxpayer and called Hasan’s assertion of that, “dishonest and misleading.”

Murphy felt compelled to speak out after receiving Hasan’s 24-page campaign packet outlining the investments of the State Treasury and then hearing Ament and Hasan debate at a candidate forum.

“Without any education or experience in finance or institutional investing, it’s easy to misunderstand the state’s portfolio,” said Murphy. “It is critical that a State Treasurer understand the actual contents of an investment – not just the name on the cover page.”

Murphy went on to say, “I was proud to serve Colorado’s taxpayers as Deputy for two different State Treasurers and have spent 34 years doing institutional fixed income investment. I don’t make endorsements for this office lightly because I know what’s required to fulfill the duties of the office.”

Murphy concluded by saying, “In my professional opinion, J. J. Ament is the best candidate to return conservative investment policy to the State Treasury and be a voice of conservative fiscal policy in the statehouse.”

Dick Murphy has a Ph.D. in economics from Iowa State University. A financial and investment professional, he served as Deputy Treasurer under both Roy Romer and Mike Coffman.

Go here to read the full text of Dick Murphy’s letter. Interestingly, there is not a whisper of a mention of the other Republican candidate in the race — the one who has raised the most money so far — Walker Stapleton.

No disrespect to Newt Gingrich, but Dick Murphy’s views and opinions on this race go a lot further with me than the former Speaker’s. Coupled with another win in our latest survey of Colorado’s political temperature, it’s been a good week for J.J. Ament.


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