Tea Party Movement Still Rising One Year After Rick Santelli’s Famous Rant

A quick retrospective on a crystallizing moment for the still-nascent Tea Party movement that looms so large over the Colorado and American political landscape today. The grassroots upswell against Washington D.C.’s big government bailout and spending sprees already had started to take shape and pick up steam, when one year ago today CNBC’s Rick Santelli delivered his famous rant on the floor of the Chicago Merchantile Exchange, delivering a name that has stuck to a movement — and has been embraced with pride:

With a powerful focus on restraining the size and scope of federal government, on promoting liberty and Constitutional first principles, and on holding elected officials to much higher levels of accountability for their faithfulness to these principles, the Tea Party movement here in Colorado and from sea to shining sea can make a lasting, positive impact. Tea Party activists this week certainly have the attention of those attending CPAC.

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