Tea Party / Liberty Group Leaders, Chime In On State Legislative Races

To the extent that I have communicated with leaders of Colorado Tea Parties and other liberty groups, I have sought to emphasize the importance of making an impact on state legislative races. In fact, followers of this blog know I have put out several updates ranking the likelihood of seats changing in the state senate and state house. My next, and likely final, analyses are slated to come out in September.

Anyway, Ballotpedia’s Leslie Graves this week announces a study that should attract significant interest and involvement: “Is the tea party movement impacting state legislative elections?” More information is here, including a direct link to a survey that I encourage all Colorado Tea Party and other liberty group leaders to chime in on. I certainly hope that Colorado is setting the example of making a positive difference in state legislative races, and that other states are on board as well.

These races are where local groups can exert the most leverage and see tangible results during the upcoming election. It’s also how the conservative, pro-liberty team builds up a bench for bigger races in the future.

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