Survey: What Should Scott McInnis Do?

Update: Upon further deliberation, I’ve decided to leave the survey open a little longer.

Today’s Denver Post editorial calls for Republican gubernatorial candidate Scott McInnis to drop out of the race due to “revelations of extensive plagiarism in work [he] claimed as his own.” While the Post has a quick Yes or No poll on its site to determine whether you agree with their editorial stance, I’m interested in a little more information. This morning I created a quick, 6-question, multiple choice survey to see what politically active and knowledgeable readers think should be done, and how it affects the state of the race.

Click here to take the survey

I will leave the survey open through tomorrow, Thursday, July 16, at 6 PM Mountain Time Friday, July 17, at 9 AM Mountain Time. As usual, participation in the survey is limited to one per IP address. Thank you for taking one minute to share your views.

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