Stapleton, Gschwendtner, Hurlbert Await Fateful Day for Ballot Petition Results

Update, 6/11: Final results are in. As expected, Walker Stapleton moves forward. Gubernatorial candidate Joe Gschwendtner and state senate candidate Mark Hurlbert both failed to make the ballot — the former by a mere 242 out of 10,500 votes. “They won’t have Joe G to kick around anymore.”

One day to go for the Colorado Secretary of State’s office to verify whether candidates who opted to petition onto the ballot collected a sufficient number of signatures to move ahead. The updated list is here (PDF).

As of 5 PM on Thursday, five candidates (including Jane Norton for U.S. Senate) have qualified for the ballot and one was disqualified. The fate of two Democrat and five Republican campaigns are up in the air, including:

  • State treasurer hopeful Walker Stapleton, who likely has enough to qualify
  • Gubernatorial contender Joe Gschwendtner, who looks like he’ll be cutting it very close
  • State senate candidate Mark Hurlbert, whose chances don’t look too good

Tune in tomorrow to find out what happens.


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    I was just on the SOS website checking to see if there were any updates when your article appeared on a Google Alert on the SD 16 race. I agree with all of your predictions and assesments.

    I was also shocked that it appears the SOS employees don’t work beyond 5:00 p.m., even for something of such urgency and magnitude. Can you imagine an analogous private sector situation where everyone goes home at 5 instead of plugging on in the project?

    I’ve been refreshing the site all night in hopes of hearing new results.

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