Scott McInnis Says No to Ultimatum: Has Tancredo “Done the Impossible”?

The Scott McInnis campaign a few minutes ago sent out a formal statement in response to Tom Tancredo’s ultimatum and announcement today that he will run as the American Constitution Party candidate for governor.

The McInnis statement goes like this:

“This election is about job creation, a stronger business climate, an end to unconstitutional tax increases and a commitment to reduce the size and scope of state government. We have elections to battle out competing visions for Colorado’s future, and our fellow citizens are voting in the primary today as they have been for the past week.

“Those looking for a deadline should focus on the only real deadline: August 10 at 7 p.m. This is when the polls close, the people have voted and their votes are counted. That’s the way the system works in a free society.

“Colorado Republicans will speak with their votes on that day, and I will abide by their decision.”

Basically “Thanks, but no thanks.”

This instant response was overheard:

Tom Tancredo has done the impossible. He’s made Scott McInnis look dignified and gubernatorial.

Maybe that was Tancredo’s intention all along? In any case, you simply have to laugh.

Wish I could take credit for the response, I really do. It’s not original to me. (But I can assure you no plagiarism was involved.)

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