RIP, Ernie

Tonight I am at a loss for words. The great Ernie Harwell — to all of us who grew up with his voice and grew up to love Detroit Tigers baseball, simply “Ernie” — passed away today at age 92, after a long bout with cancer. If you want to know why I’m choked up with tears, here’s a start:

Wonderful memories, a lifelong love for baseball, and a remarkable inspiration. From my Facebook posting this evening:

A sweet sad silence descends on us: The great and good Ernie Harwell now lives in a better place. The rest of us are left behind to mourn the legendary Tigers radio voice we grew up with, the man whose generous spirit was larger than life and embodied his quiet, humble faith in our Creator. Even knowing the day was imminent, I can’t help but shed a tear.

Rest In Peace, Ernie.

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