Recent Plights of Penry and McDaniels Give Me a Little Pause about 33

There’s no stopping the forward press of time. I’m not so sure about turning 33 today, but at least my name isn’t Josh. A few months ago the combination of age and name seemed so charmed. They were a pair of Colorado wunderkinds: one 33-year-old Josh making strides towards one of Colorado’s most powerful positions, the other 33-year-old Josh newly occupying the other.

Josh Penry was making giant strides toward the Republican nomination for governor. Then one day in November the plug suddenly was pulled on his campaign. Now he isn’t even running for re-election to his own state senate seat in 2010. What’s going on?

But he’s on Cloud Nine compared to Josh McDaniels, who yesterday felt the bitter sting of missing the playoffs in his first season as an NFL head coach, losing 8 of the final 10 games after starting 6-0. Add in the turmoil with Brandon Marshall and other Bronco players, and it looks like the bandwagon is emptying for the time being. Where does he go from here?

I still have high hopes for 33. After all, so far it doesn’t seem much different than 32. The year’s work has just begun. I’m back in the fight.


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    Like the two Josh’s I too thought I had the world by the backside at 32. I did in the context of 32 but oh…, there is so much more to learn. Keep up the good fight for your mission is a good one! And don’t show up in a hoodie when you want to run the show.

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    you forgot about Jesus…33 was a difficult year for him too!….:-)

    Just tryiing to encourage!

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