October Means It’s Time to Play Who Said You Said Billboard Scavenger Hunt

Colorado drivers, look around you. Okay, keep your eyes on the road. Of course. But if you’re motoring along highways throughout the state, you may see one of the 100 famous Who Said You Said billboards spread throughout Colorado (86 in the Denver metro area and 7 each in Fort Collins and Grand Junction):

The billboards invite citizens to “Stop Payment” on reckless ?spending by visiting WhoSaidYouSaid.com and send “Stop Payment”? notices to those officeholders. Federal spending has ballooned to $3.7 trillion, we have a $1 trillion budget deficit and are $13 trillion in debt.

Take some time today and send these representatives a “Stop Payment” notice.

Breitbart TV has taken notice of the billboard campaign; why not you? If you’re around Denver or one of the other two cities anytime in the next month, then you can get in on the scavenger hunt excitement….

Here’s how you play:

1) Take a pic of a “They Spend. You Pay.” billboard (map of locations [link added] of billboards is on www.whosaidyousaid.com)
2) Upload pic to facebook
3) Tag yourself in the photo
4) Put the location of the billboard in the photo description
5) Upload photo on this event wall
6) Whomever finds the most different billboards wins
7) Winner gets to sit in on the Jim Pfaff Show (AM 560) on a Jim & Kelly Friday and then go to lunch with Jim and Kelly

Couldn’t be much easier. In the past several days I started seeing one of the “They Spend, You Pay” billboards along I-70 & Kipling. Many of you have started seeing them around. So why not take a shot at the contest? Just keep your eyes on the road while driving. Pull over for a good location, snap a picture and be on your way.

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