Non-Union State Employee Closes Up Tongue-in-Cheek ColoradoLoses

Today marks the end of an era. The state employee who started the non-union group ColoradoLoses as an answer to Colorado WINS, the union coalition outgoing Governor Bill Ritter invited into Denver by executive order in 2007. Dave Ohmart posted the announcement on his website earlier today:

I am shutting ColoradoLoses down. Thaks so much for the support you showed me over the past two and a half years.

WINS will be shutting down too, I believe. They have lost support and are near bankruptcy.

I don’t have any independent information to confirm or challenge Dave’s assessment and prediction. But it’s important to note that Colorado WINS (a joint coalition of SEIU, AFSCME and AFT) did gain its semi-exalted bargaining position, after Ritter’s signed order, largely as a result of tremendous apathy among state employees. Speaking of apathy, Dave also noted in an email announcement sent this evening:

I wanted to force a petition to demand a new vote. I needed over 2,000 signatures and after 5 weeks only got 130. I have received none in over a week. That tells me that state employees are not interested in my efforts…so I’m closing shop. The website is empty except for the closing statement and it will be down soon.

What will incoming Democratic governor John Hickenlooper do vis a vis Colorado WINS and the Ritter executive order? Probably nothing. Unlike his major opponents, he made no promises to repeal the order. But if Dave is correct, the point largely is moot. We’ll have to wait and see.

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