New Tarrance Poll: Trouble for Colo. Dems Pushing Dirty Dozen Tax Hikes

Yes, the poll is from the McInnis think tank, but if this new Tarrance Group survey (PDF) is anywhere near accurate, it’s a dark day for the Colorado Democrats.

First, the 65 percent of Colorado voters who believe “that a recession is no time to raise taxes, and that government should reduce spending with a six percent ‘across the board’ cut to balance the budget” rather than “that taxes and fees should be raised on businesses in order to protect funding for key services like health care, education, and transportation” (chosen by only 25 percent of respondents) breaks down as follows:

  • 65 percent of Jeffco/Arapahoe voters — the swing region of statewide elections
  • More than 60 percent of both genders and all age groups
  • 85 percent of Republicans, 63 percent of independents, and even 45 percent of Democrats

And in a similar result, 71 percent of Colorado voters agreed (including 53 percent who strongly agreed) with the statement: “A recession is no time to raise taxes and fees on businesses, even it if means that spending would have to be cut.” Overwhelming majorities in the Colorado Springs, Western Slope and Eastern Plains region agreed, as did 53 percent of Democrats. And a startling note if you’re John Hickenlooper:

Fully eighty-two percent (82%) of those voters who are undecided on the gubernatorial ballot test also indicate that they agree with this statement.

The Dems at the State Capitol simply must be hoping people will forget they’re pushing through the “dirty dozen” tax increases — and hoping no one notices their Homer Simpson moment along the way.

But I and many others will do our part to make sure voters remember. You can count on that.


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