Mr. President, Welcome to Denver

One year and one day after President Obama came to Denver to sign away hundreds of billions of taxpayer dollars into generational debt for the creation of some government jobs (and in the process, taking out some in the private sector), he’s coming back. This time Obama will be here to help save another job: the political career of the Appointed One, U.S. Senator Michael Bennet.

Republicans and liberty-loving Coloradans aren’t frightened by the visit. Probable GOP nominee and Bennet challenge Jane Norton shows as much, taking to the airwaves. Can anyone say Chris Christie? Scott Brown? Hey, CNN polling now shows even the President’s own political future in jeopardy with the American people. The more public the appearance, the more Obama does to harm Bennet’s fading chances — even if he helps our junior U.S. Senator raise some campaign cash along the way.

This isn’t about the general election, though, it’s about the primary. One that despite Obama’s and Bennet’s hopes would go away has materialized into an all-too-real challenge from former state house Speaker Andrew Romanoff. Exactly why it’s not Dick Wadhams or Jane Norton or the GOP telling President Obama to stay away. But as Westword reports (H/T Complete Colorado), it’s former Democratic state legislator and respected local elder party statesman Polly Baca.

The times they are a-changin’…. It will be interesting to see what other kind of local responses the President’s arrival elicits. Stay tuned to PPC.

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