Michael Bennet Kowtows to Left, Casts Losing Vote for Backdoor Card Check

Update, 2:45 PM: Politico picks up on the story, too, noting that Bennet’s vote “could have significant repercussions for his election campaign.”

A strong sign that Colorado’s Appointed One, junior U.S. Senator Michael Bennet, is feeling the primary heat from Andrew Romanoff. Kowtowing to President Obama, the SEIU and Big Labor: Bennet was one of the 52 Democratic votes to confirm Craig Becker to the National Labor Relations Board.

The good news? Becker’s confirmation was defeated. The man is an SEIU attorney with avowedly radical, anti-individual rights views that would trample under foot the rights of business owners and workers who would rather not toe the line for labor leaders.

A vote for Craig Becker was a vote for backdoor union card check, for depriving workers of the secret ballot in union workplace elections. Even Democrats Ben Nelson and Blanche Lincoln saw the move for what it was, and joined Republicans in the successful filibuster.

But not Michael Bennet. His vote to confirm Craig Becker may leave him in a less vulnerable place for the primary election, but in a clearly indefensible place for a general election matchup. Colorado wants an independent vote in the U.S. Senate, not a rubber-stamp for the radical agendas of the Obama administration. If Bennet is hoping nobody would notice, he’s out of luck.

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