May Survey of Colorado’s Political Temperature: Same Winners Emerge

For those who are interested, the results of the May survey of Colorado’s political temperature are posted on Facebook. For a variety of reasons, including the transition to a new setting, participation in the survey is down significantly — leaving perhaps the most dedicated and passionate 117 conservative Colorado political Facebookers (half of whom say they plan to attend Saturday’s state GOP Assembly as either delegates or alternates) to chime in.

A few highlights for your consumption:

  • Ken Buck is a runaway winner in the U.S. Senate primary
  • Dan Maes pulls in 50 percent, Scott McInnis about 30 percent and newcomer Joe Gschwendtner picks up a few votes
  • Ryan Frazier, Cory Gardner and Scott Tipton remain clear frontrunners in their respective Congressional primary contests
  • J.J. Ament has sown up a lot of support among the political die-hards in his bid for state treasurer

For all who persevered through the transition and technical difficulties to complete the survey (no, you didn’t sacrifice any more privacy than you do by using Facebook generally), thanks for your participation. Your feedback is welcome to improve the next version.

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