Ken Buck Wins Senate Primary Backing from Red State’s Erick Erickson

An interesting development in Colorado’s Republican U.S. Senate primary: Ken Buck has won the full-spirited backing of influential Red State master blogger Erick Erickson — who among other accomplishments has helped fuel Florida’s Marco Rubio rise from upstart to frontrunner over Charlie Crist.

Can Erick help do the same for Ken Buck here in Colorado? Perhaps. The Weld County DA has a lot of catching up to do on the fundraising front.

Is Buck (or someone else) the grassroots candidate? You help decide by casting your vote before tomorrow (Friday) at 5:00 PM on the latest survey of Colorado’s political temperature.


  1. Robin Coran says

    In all my years working on campaign’s, Ken is one of the most staunch principled conservatives I have been priveldged to work for.
    He will not allow Washington to change him, he will change Washington, I know this because he has already walked the talk.

  2. says

    Thanks, Don. I didn’t read his FB that way. It sounds like he’s using it to solicit my endorsement, which is fine. I haven’t yet decided to endorse anyone in this race.

  3. Barry Goldsmith says

    I want a US Senator like Ken Buck. I want some one who is smart, savvy and strong and that I can depend on not to roll over when the lobbyists come round. It doesnt’t hurt that he has DA and, an especially good one, experience and can not only see through but stand up to all the scams that the Dems putup and their ridiculous plots to not interrogate and try terrorists. He can also be counted on to be strong and vote to maintain our sovereignty and strengthen our borders against illegals terrorists and other enemies whose presence seeks to undermine our safety and economic welfare. He can be key in helping to develop a rational immigration policy that will allow migrant workers to come to help with designated jobs and allow them to leave and go back to their homes when the jobs are done.

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