It Stinks to Be Michael Bennet: Andrew Romanoff Nets Big Labor Backing

It really stinks to be the Appointed One these days. As if trailing all potential Republican rivals in the polls (including Jane Norton by double digits) wasn’t bad enough for junior U.S. Senator Michael Bennet.

Then Bennet sticks out his neck, kowtows to Barack Obama to cast a losing vote for Craig Becker and back-door union card-check, only to get this news shortly thereafter:

Ex-CO House Speaker Andrew Romanoff (D) received 2 key labor union endorsements this week, less than a day after his primary rival, Sen. Michael Bennet (D-CO), made a play to rally them to his side.

The CO Teamsters and UFCW announced that they are throwing their weight behind Romanoff in the Dem primary, citing their “long-standing relationship” with him. The 2 are among the largest unions in the state.

If labor leaders back up their words with funds and foot soldiers — even though they may be at historically low numbers here in Colorado, unions still are politically formidable — we could have an interesting primary on our hands.

Not bad from a Republican point of view.


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    I misread Ken’s post, which said, “More on the endorsement from respected Colorado blogger Ben Degrow.” Standing alone, it says Ben endorsed Ken. But on Facebook, Ken’s supporters have convinced me that Ken meant to say, “More on the [Erickson] endorsement from respected Colorado blogger Ben Degrow.” I didn’t read it way, but I now do.


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