Ironically-Named Accountability for Colorado Dishing Up Vicious Anti-GOP Smears with Teacher Union Money

As a political junkie, among the funniest things I find are the terribly misleading names given to those 527 groups. The Lefty Democrat big donors and unions have operated a slew of them. Remember the misleading Coloradans for Life from election cycle past?

Well, in 2010 we have the Lefty 527 group Accountability for Colorado… And what could truly be less accountable? Spewing poison and slander about conservative state legislative candidates, and no one there to answer a reporter’s phone call. A couple examples have been documented by local newspapers:

True accountability would dictate that vile charges like these should be substantiated. But (shocking!) guess what? Accountability for Colorado acts with no public accountability. From the Chieftain:

Julie Wells is the listed agent for Accountability for Colorado, but a telephone call to her went unanswered on Friday.

From the Tribune:

Accountability for Colorado’s contact person, Julie Wells, did not return a phone message left at her office on Monday afternoon seeking comment.

No one should hold their breath waiting for a response from Wells, who is simply the bookkeeper and front person for the Lefty attack machine. Because it’s not just Swerdfeger and Boswell who have been targeted.

“Un-“Accountability for Colorado clearly has been assigned the role of slandering Republican state house candidates in competitive races. I happen to know they have ginned up falsehoods against Libby Szabo, and a Rocky Mountain Right diarist reports the same about Don Beezley.

What’s really sad is the top funder for the 527 group is the Colorado Education Association. That’s right: More than 100,000 dollars sucked out of teacher paychecks is going to these dirty, misleading political smears. Way to exploit the public’s good will toward schools, and what a terrific lesson to teach to students.

Unsurprisingly, it’s not the first time. Look at 2006 and 2008: Hundreds of thousands in teacher union dues and fees funding “recklessly irresponsible” and “sleazy” political advertising. I certainly hope that what was successful for the Lefties then backfires this time around. Backfires big time.


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