Greg Brophy for Governor?

Colorado needs a candidate for governor who fits all of the above:

  1. Grounded in, and committed to, conservative principles
  2. Understands state issues and how state government works
  3. Has demonstrated leadership
  4. Has experience in business
  5. Can garner funds and sufficient broad-based support to wage an effective late campaign
  6. Isn’t tainted by ethics scandals
  7. Is more likely to attract independent voters rather than repel them with wild, off-the-cuff remarks
  8. Can unite the Republican banner under conservative, limited government principles

Given the circumstances, I have had a difficult time coming up with any really great options. But here’s an idea: What about state senator (and assistant minority leader) Greg Brophy?

Let’s back up for a minute. All of this talk presumes a couple things: 1) Scott McInnis wins the primary, and 2) His fundraising and third-party support completely dries up. There seems to me a fair probability that both of these things happen. But would McInnis drop out of his own volition? Maybe it’s wishful thinking, but if enough outside pressure is exerted….

Ok, back to Greg Brophy. First, the negatives: statewide name ID and funds. Substantial outside support from third-party groups, including the Republican Governors Association, would be essential to help neutralize these concerns. Could he do it? I don’t know. Election season has been a wild, crazy ride thus far. Why not?

That being said, the conservative Brophy (judging by Colorado Union of Taxpayer ratings, he is to the Right of Josh Penry and solidly in the middle of the Republican caucus) would enter with a number of significant strengths: 1) Clear competence and track record on state issues — he is one of the sharpest, most knowledgeable and savviest Republican state legislators serving in Denver; 2) Character and integrity above reproach; and 3) An affability and quirkiness that makes it very hard to peg him as a typical, stodgy conservative — think of a truly avid cyclist (who helped to lead the fight against the Black Hawk bike ban) who cleverly suggested on YouTube the Taxasaurus as Colorado’s state reptile.

Oh, and Brophy’s state senate seat is one of the safest around, so he would be replaced by a fellow Republican.

Everyone else on the Right side of the governor’s race lacks one or more of these crucial elements. Following the lean Ritter years, Republicans have a strong and winning message. They just need the right messenger. What does anyone else think about Greg Brophy as fitting the bill? I haven’t talked with him about it, or heard for certain whether he has strong views one way or the other, but other great potential candidates like Mark Hillman, Shawn Mitchell and Hank Brown either have clearly stated No, or otherwise do not appear interested.

What say you?

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