Enterprise Group Political Report: Some State House R Will Deliver Big Upset

In the most recent edition of The Enterprise Group Political Report (“At the Nexus of Business and Politics”) email newsletter, Andrew Boucher of Boucher Strategies in Fort Collins writes:

I’ll make three fearless predictions for November:

1. In the state legislative races, there will be at least one absolute stunner where a Republican no one has ever heard of knocks off an incumbent Democrat no one knew was in trouble.

2. Everything down-ballot is going to swing heavily towards the Republicans. (The less a voter has been paying attention to a particular race, the more likely they’ll default to the the national mood. Call it surfing the wave.)

3. Ben DeGrow is exactly right: “In this kind of generic political environment, in which most voters keenly see the adverse effects of excessive government spending, the opponents of Amendments 60 and 61 and Proposition 101 have their work cut out for them.”

I like these fearless predictions, and not just out of any sort of shameless self-promotional attempt to quote someone else quoting me. But especially reading the first of the three, I was inspired to chime in. Who could the surprise, out-of-the-blue Republican winner be? Let me forward some nominees (then you can discuss amongst yourselves):

  • Danny Stroud (HD 1)
  • Robert Lane (HD 9)
  • Wes Whiteley (HD 11)
  • Mark Barrington (HD 26)
  • Kaarl Hoopes (HD 32)
  • Brian Vande Krol (HD 34)
  • Brad Wagnon (HD 41)

Boucher’s EGPR is a cheat sheet of helpful links to Colorado and national political news and commentary, spiced with some of Drew’s helpful insights. If you’re a local political junkie who wants to make sure not to miss anything, you need to add subscribing to the report along with a few regular website visits:

Together they should more than feed your Colorado political news information habit heading down the final month’s homestretch of the 2010 campaign.

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