Ed Perlmutter Swings and Misses with Desperate Charter School Attack

The desperate silly season of electoral politics is upon us. Nowhere does the silliness and desperation resound more than from the campaign of an out-of-touch liberal Congressional incumbent in the fight for his political life. Look no further than my home district, Colorado’s 7th, where Congressman Ed Perlmutter has fired a wild miss:

Incumbent Democrat Rep. Ed Perlmutter has hit an all-time low in a desperate attempt to keep his fading political career alive. His latest attack ad wrongly criticizes Ryan Frazier for missing half of his volunteer board meetings at High Point Academy, the public charter school Frazier co-founded. Perlmutter’s attack ad has even disappointed the Board President of High Point Academy, Brandon Wyszynski.

“As a co-founder and governing board member of High Point Academy, Ryan Frazier has served our school and community honorably through his leadership and commitment,” said Wyszynski. “Ryan has provided strategic direction from the school’s inception, and it’s disappointing that he has been criticized in his role as a volunteer board member. At High Point Academy, we will continue to focus on providing a quality education for our students.”

High Point Academy, which is comprised of 1/3 Hispanic, 1/3 African-American, and 1/3 Caucasian students, has been an example of excellence in providing education to its students.

Aurora’s High Point Academy, authorized by the state’s Charter School Institute, shows a generally positive trend in raising student performance in reading, math and writing. Why Ed Perlmutter would go out on a limb to remind people of the success his Republican opponent Ryan Frazier has had as a founding board member may signal how out of sorts his struggling campaign has become.

And since my Democratic Congressman has brought up the issue of education, it’s a good time to remind readers how effectively he has done the bidding of the National Education Association, including voting to rob hundreds of poor, inner-city District of Columbia kids of opportunity because they might choose a private school to find a better future.

As the desperate political failure of the past fades away, it’s time for a new way forward.

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