Don’t Burden, Smother Parents with SB 110’s Booster Seat Good Intentions

CBS4Denver reports: Booster Seat Measure Moves Forward in Legislature. The booster seat manufacturing lobby must be thrilled. But seriously… do parents need the nanny Democrats running the state legislature to impose another burden on us? Is the state going to give me a dollar-for-dollar tax rebate when I buy my mandatory booster seat for the oldest Little Virtus?

It’s amazing how any of us survived to adulthood riding around in those metal deathtraps of yesteryear. Why don’t we just get it over with and require all kids to sit into a booster seat until age 12, and then mandate that every driver and passenger must wear a football helmet and padded body suit?

If they didn’t die a long time ago, personal responsibility and common sense appear to be in their final throes. At least good old Dave Williams was there to inject some rationality into the CBS4Denver story:

“Even though something might be a good idea, it doesn’t mean that the government needs to make it a law, and give more power to the police to enforce what may or may not be a good idea,” said the chairman of the Libertarian Party David Williams.

You don’t have to be a Big L Libertarian to recognize that Senate Bill 110 represents good intentions run amok. Fewer areas of our lives remain unregulated? Empower parents, don’t burden and smother us.

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