Don’t Be Surprised by Michael Bennet’s Decision to Petition onto Ballot

Our incumbent U.S. Senator Michael Bennet stunned some in the political world with the announcement that he would seek to petition onto the ballot in addition to go through the Democratic Party’s assembly process. Fellow RMAer Don Johnson hypothesizes about Bennet’s strategery, based on the luxury of his heavily-bankrolled campaign.

But should we be surprised at such an extra-cautious strategy from the junior Senator who last year boldly blurted that he would vote for heavily unpopular Obama Care even if it cost him his appointed job?

No, not really. Michael Bennet after all is an elected official known for more than a year of legendary indecision on the union card-check bill (unless you count his vote for the Craig Becker NLRB appointment).

Bottom line: The Andrew Romanoff-Michael Bennet primary figures to get more interesting before Colorado Democrats decide between the unpopular, handpicked Appointed One and the once rising star now shunned by the party establishment.


  1. says

    I’m a little confused, Ben, when you reffer to the Appointed One as an “elected official.” when you discuss card check, etc.

    I’ll also ask you the same question I posed to Don Johnson, who do you think is worse between these two?. I call them left and lefter, but don’t really know who is lefter. I just know Romanoff is more photogenic.

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