Denver Post Highlights Poor Voting Record of 7th CD Candidate Lang Sias

A candidate who hasn’t voted in the last 10 years wants you to vote for him for Congress? Today’s Denver Post article by Lynn Bartels casts more light on Colorado Republican 7th CD candidate Lang Sias:

A former Democrat who lives in the 2nd Congressional District and hasn’t voted since 2000 is running for Congress in the nearby 7th District — as a Republican.

Supporters say Lang Sias’ unorthodox political resume, coupled with a stellar military record, makes him the perfect person to run in a season when voters are fed up with establishment insiders.

I guess if not participating in the democratic process to suddenly seeking higher office is seen as “unorthodox” — it’s hard to disagree. And the explanation from Sias’ campaign manager is hardly encouraging:

But Sias didn’t vote for McCain for president. Asked why, Walsh said Sias had planned to vote in person, but something came up on the campaign and he couldn’t get to Colorado on Election Day.

Was poor planning also to blame for failing to vote in 2006, 2004 and 2002? Perhaps the answers will be “forthcoming” soon. To his credit, Sias hasn’t sought to deny or downplay the information. But by the same token one has to wonder how many of the 43 percent of delegates voting for him were aware of the wide gap in his voting record.

Anyway, on to more important discussions that lie ahead for the primary election. And which conservative candidate in the race (Ryan Frazier) has the best chance to beat Ed Perlmutter.

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