Democrat Desperation Diaries: Treasurer Cary Kennedy Edition

Update, 10/29: Jessica Corry has a more thorough take on the topic in her latest Huffington Post column. She writes: “Shame on Cary Kennedy, now revealed to be just another typical career politician who will do anything to save her job.” Read the whole thing.

It’s the last week in October. A pro-Republican Tea Party wave is coming through Colorado and the nation, carrying away Democrat officials who broke faith by pouring on their Progressive policies, spending your money recklessly and racking up debt. Some Democrats are more out of touch than others.

For state treasurer Cary Kennedy, there has been her revealing moment of wanting to “drive a stake through” your constitutional taxpayer protections. But generally she has projected a moderate image, even as she often goes to bat for the liberal team.

There is a very real threat that the wave will carry Cary away and that a more fiscally conservative Republican Walker Stapleton — with real-life private sector business experience — will carry the day. Stapleton has a small but genuine lead in the polls heading into Election Day. That’s when you know it’s Democrat Desperation Time.

In this edition, the incumbent Democratic treasurer broke her own “clean campaign” pledge by taking a half-truth and flinging mud at the challenger. On the Caplis and Silverman Show this afternoon, Cary Kennedy refused the invitation while Walker Stapleton challenged her to come clean and defend the dishonest advertising on air (MP3).

By email Stapleton campaign spokesman Michael Fortney reinforced the candidate’s comments:

Cary Kennedy should have the courage to defend her ad. She has been hiding behind liberal attack groups and press releases for far too long. If you are not willing to stand behind the message you are sending to voters how could you possibly ask for their support? Caplis and Silverman said they invited her on today and she refused. I sincerely hope she has enough respect for the voters of Colorado to go on the radio program and explain herself.

A commendable thought, but that’s not necessarily how an incumbent acts during Democrat Desperation Time. Desperation can breed regrettable behavior in the heat of the electoral battle. For the sake of the voters and a decent campaign, I do hope that Cary Kennedy rises to the challenge.

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