Conservative Guv Candidate Tom Tancredo Reaffirms Backing of Scott Gessler for Secretary of State

For those still wondering how third-party conservative gubernatorial candidate Tom Tancredo is more likely to govern — at least when the choice is between showing support and loyalty to a highly qualified and credible Republican or an American Constitution Party spoiler — it was encouraging to see today’s release:

GREENWOOD VILLAGE, CO—Conservative independent gubernatorial candidate Tom Tancredo today announced his support for Republican candidate Scott Gessler for Secretary of State.

“Like me, Scott has the courage to challenge the establishment,” said Tancredo. “I’ve known Scott for years, and he fights for conservative values, regardless of party label.”

Tom Tancredo endorsed Gessler several months ago, but he reaffirmed his support today.

“The Secretary of State is a critical race, and we need to stop the ideological politics that threaten the integrity of our elections,” added Tancredo. “The Republican challenger, Scott Gessler, is devoted to making sure we have fair elections.” [link added]

Incumbent Democrat Bernie Buescher and ACP candidate Amanda Campbell are also running. Principle over party.

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