Colo. House Dem Leader Waging PC Fight against “War on Terror” Memorial?

In case you’re like me and didn’t listen to the Peter Boyles Show this morning, then you’ve probably missed this gem from our state legislature. As reported by Colorado Senate News:

A memorial to honor soldiers that have sacrificed their lives fighting the War on Terror could be derailed following objections from one Democrat lawmaker.

“It is disrespectful to the families of fallen soldiers to drag this memorial into the political mud,” said Sen. Mike Kopp, R-Littleton.

Kopp sponsored the 2007 legislation that created the War on Terror Fallen Heroes Memorial. Rep. Paul Weissmann, D-Louisville, was the only lawmaker to oppose the proposal. Now Weissmann is saying the memorial should be renamed since President Barack Obama declared an end to the War on Terror last March….

Click here to listen to the audio of Senator Kopp’s interview with Peter Boyles (note: large file).

Three takeaways:

  1. Words have meaning: The consequences of political correctness, especially when emanating from the office of the President, carry significance. Call it the “War on Terror” (or as I prefer the “War on Islamofascist Terror”), but just because Obama may have said it’s over doesn’t mean we’re not fighting this enemy at home and overseas. I agree with Kopp: Let’s not dishonor the fallen by dragging “this memorial into the political mud.”
  2. Paul Weissmann is not a back-bencher in the state legislature. He was elected by his Democratic peers to be the House Majority Leader. Will one of his colleagues get his ear and get him to stop his bizarre crusade?
  3. This story carries echoes of the Danny Dietz Navy SEAL memorial statue flap, which El Presidente covered so thoroughly.

Oh, and one more … I’m looking forward to the coverage of this story in the Denver Post.

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