Chinook Fund-Columbus Day Protest Link Raises Demand for Transparency in Hickenlooper’s Charitable Giving

Complete Colorado broke a story late last night that adds another twist to the governor’s race — specifically tying Democratic candidate John Hickenlooper and the Chinook Fund he founded to timely financial support of the “Transform Columbus Day Alliance” and its 2007 Denver protests that led to 83 arrests. Featuring a somewhat disturbing original picture, Complete Colorado notes:

The 2007 Columbus Day Parade protests included bloodied fake babies in the streets.

Writing on the Denver Post‘s political blog, Chuck Plunkett probes the issue more deeply:

The Complete Colorado report helps provide a snapshot of how donating to “Transform Columbus Day Alliance” type groups causes these kinds of spectacle leads to real-life trouble for city officials and taxpayers.

The 83 arrests led to an overwhelmed jail and dubious police policy.

They also contributed to fears that led Denver officials to prepare for worst-case scenarios that racked up big expenses.

Stories like this one help to answer the question: Why is Hickenlooper hiding from Caplis and Silverman? But given the revelation, don’t you think it’s time for the Denver mayor to provide some more transparency about his history of charitable giving? It’s not asking too much.

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