Bill Ritter’s Pitch for Cary Kennedy Shows Vulnerability of Treasurer’s Race

Just a reminder that Colorado Democrat State Treasurer Cary Kennedy’s re-election hopes are fragile this year. Yesterday I received a fundraising email from Bill Ritter. After touting the incumbent’s record, the message reads:

Cary Kennedy is facing a well-funded challenger who is related to George W. Bush and has tapped into his family’s national fundraising network. His campaign is funded mostly by out-of-state donors.

Fortunately, Cary’s grassroots fundraising network is keeping up, but she needs everyone’s help to stay competitive….

I found it interesting that though there is a busy 3-way Republican primary going on to challenge Kennedy for the treasurer’s position, Bill Ritter makes Walker Stapleton the bogeyman. Yes, Stapleton has raised the most money, but J.J. Ament is cleaning up the endorsements and grassroots support. And newcomer candidate Ali Hasan has been very visible.

I’m not sure whether Ritter thinks there’s more leverage to be gained by resurrecting former President Bush or by raising the specter of out-of-state fundraising. But in any case, the low-hanging fruit must make the Democrats’ best pitch in the state treasurer’s race. And that’s good news for whichever Republican survives to challenge Cary Kennedy in the general election.

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