Betsy Markey Campaign School: Sara Gagliardi Skips Out on Candidate Forum

Colorado state representative Sara Gagliardi — a fiscal liberal and union ally — is right at the top of the list of Democratic incumbents whose seats are in jeopardy this fall. Having confirmed to appear at the September 13 Metro North Chamber and MetroNorth Newspaper candidate forum (screenshot of video below), Gagliardi was nevertheless absent. A vulnerable seat and an inability to show up to nonpartisan community candidate debates: Which is the cause and which is the effect?

The ground rules for the forum, as shared in advance in an email from Metro North Chamber President & CEO Deborah Obermeyer:

No cells phones or electronic devices are allowed in Chambers by candidates or their teams

No notes are allowed
No questions will be provided prior to event
No editing will be done as this is a live taping

Candidates for a variety of area races — Republicans and Democrats — attended and participated in Monday’s North Metro Forum, but not our representative from House District 27. Maybe Gagliardi was afraid she couldn’t keep herself from using the phrase “tax increase” to describe her voting record.

While Sara Gagliardi appears to be busy taking a page from the Congresswoman Betsy Markey campaign playbook (finding excuses not to debate), chalk up another campaign victory for our fiscally conservative champion and soon-to-be HD 27 representative Libby Szabo.

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