37 Years of Roe v Wade: Time for Hope, Renewal to Continue Fight for Life

One day after a refreshing U.S. Supreme Court victory for free speech, today we mark the 37th anniversary of Roe v Wade — a somber occasion for our nation. I recommend to you a well-written “In Memoriam” by Red State’s Erick Erickson. A couple key passages:

The truth that these children are biologically human and biologically distinct from their mothers is beyond question to anyone who believes in the most basic tenets of science. Why, then, are they declared so totally bereft of rights in our society? The fact that a woman can, with the protection of the law, kill her child on the day of its planned full-term delivery, indicates clearly that the only answer to this question is “physical location within their mother’s womb.” If a child is in this place, it may be killed with impunity; if it is in another, to kill it is murder….


The question does not and should not divide us along conservative/libertarian lines, for even the most libertarian among us must recognize the right of the state to prevent and punish the killing of innocent humans. And we renew our pledge today and every day to work to support candidates who will do everything in their power to someday bring about the day when Roe v. Wade joins Scott v. Sandford as an aberrant footnote to our nation’s great history.

I couldn’t have said it much better myself. All the compelling evidence of science, all the ethics embodied in the Declaration of Independence’s acknowledgment that the right to life is fundamental to preserving our liberty, and all the great moral principles bolstered by my own personal faith — pointing to the value of unborn life spat upon by Roe v Wade — pale in comparison to the awesomeness of the first time I held each of my beautiful daughters in my arms, just a few moments separated from the legal opportunity to be slaughtered with impunity. Whether intended or not, don’t tell me it’s unfair to call the regime created by Roe evil.

In addition:

  • It’s not too late to join me and 65,000 others in signing up for the Virtual March for Life.
  • Check out Lashawn Barber’s post about the unseemly origins of Planned Parenthood and their disproportionate targeting of minority women.
  • At National Review, professor Michael New highlights the vital role the pro-life movement has played in beating back Obama Care and its brightening prospects in the world of politics and public opinion.

Please take a moment of silence today for millions of unborn children slaughtered under the Roe regime. And renew your determination to continue the fight.

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