Support Ryan Frazier in Colorado’s Seventh Congressional District

Editor's note: This post is a guest contribution authored by U.S. Congressman Kevin McCarthy (R - CA). Every two years Americans hold their members of Congress accountable. If they have done a good job representing them they send them back to Washington, but if they fail to lead they can be replaced. The last few years, we've seen the effects of failed Democratic policies. Unemployment is too high, businesses are uncertain about the future and are holding back from hiring and investing, and we're trillions of dollars deeper in debt. Americans want fresh, new, conservative leaders to find solutions to these problems. Today in Colorado, I campaigned with one of those new leaders, Young Gun candidate Ryan Frazier. … [Read more...]

John Hickenlooper’s “Bitter Clinger” Moment? Colorado Voters Uninspired

With less than two weeks to Election Day, the question lingers: Can liberal Democrat gubernatorial candidate John Hickenlooper really avoid all controversy until the election is over? National Review's Michael Sandoval uncovers one controversy Hickenlooper might be unable to avoid, and it came straight from the mayor's own lips in a 2009 interview:Denver Mayor John Hickenlooper: I think a couple things, I mean, you know, the tragic death of Matthew Shepard occurred in Wyoming. Colorado and Wyoming are very similar. We have some of the same, you know, backwards thinking in the kind of rural Western areas you see in, you know, Montana, Wyoming, Colorado, New Mexico. People in rural areas might find reason to be a little incensed at … [Read more...]

Slaphappy Democrat Ed Perlmutter: LA Times Top 10 Weird Campaign Moment

In this weird political season, the Los Angeles Times political blog compiles the Top 10 weirdest moments of the 2010 political campaign. Coming in at number 10, from my own backyard: Only two of the top 10 moments came from U.S. House races, and my own Colorado 7th CD made the list. I'm not sure whether to be astounded or proud or embarrassed... or maybe just amused. I'll save the satisfaction until Election Night. Of course, it was the prolific National Review Colorado blogger Michael Sandoval who first brought attention to Ed Perlmutter's slaphappy moment that well may go down as part of the closing chapter of the liberal Democrat's Congressional career. Can you see the political wave a-comin'? Update / Clarification: … [Read more...]

New Michael Fallon for Congress Ad: Say, Who’s Your Boss, Diana DeGette?

With the depths of election season upon us, most of the political advertising on TV and radio has us gasping for fresh air and a hot shower. Not so Michael Fallon, whose new attack ad on liberal incumbent Rep. Diana DeGette makes a sharp point effectively without being obnoxious or offensive: The ad follows a clever 30-second spot that aired in September, introducing Fallon to voters in the largely Democratic Denver First Congressional District. I know he has rejected any longer-term aspirations for political office, but the grassroots and leadership of the GOP ought to be able to come together on recruiting Dr. Fallon for a future bid. He is doing the Party and the cause of limited, fiscally responsible government a real service. … [Read more...]

Evidence Indicates Any Deal-Seeking Came from Dan Maes’ Direction

Why exactly is minor party-Republican gubernatorial candidate Dan Maes and his dwindling cadre of political backers trying to foist on Colorado a story that he bravely resisted efforts to buy him out of the race? It sure looks like the victim card is being played, unfortunately without the truth to back it up. The bottom line is that any proposed deal came from Maes and his allies, and that at all points Tom Tancredo and his closest advisers have communicated clearly that no job will be given to 10-point Dan Maes to buy him out of the race. What started out as an innuendo-laden note from Dan Maes insider Joe Harrington's Facebook page (and echoed on Maes' own page) was effectively disinfected by the sunlight of Rossputin's clarifying … [Read more...]

Denver Post State Leglislative Endorsements Get Picture Partly Right

Over the past couple days the editors of the Denver Post have issued their endorsements for 10 key state house and 5 key state senate races. If we presumed these were the only races to change hands and that all went the way favored by the Post, we'd end up with a deadlocked state house (32-32-1) and a preserved Democrat majority in the state senate (19-16). In summary, here is what the Denver Post supports as the state legislature's new Republican freshman class: Libby Szabo (HD 27) Robert Ramirez (HD 29) Karen Cullen (HD 18) Mark Barker (HD 17) Keith Swerdfeger (HD 47) Ellen Roberts (SD 6) Bob Rankin (SD 5) From the races they weighed in on, here are a few other Republican freshman state legislators we very well could see, … [Read more...]

Complete Colorado’s A-Maes-ing Finale to Real Gubernatorial Genius Series

Complete Colorado's Real Gubernatorial Genius is back with the third and final edition in the series, highlighting Republican candidate Dan Maes -- Mr. I'm-Gonna-Be-Somebody-Someday. In my opinion, it will give you the purest laugh-out-loud experience of the trio: In case you missed them, watch the earlier lampoons of Tom Tancredo and John Hickenlooper. Put together, the three minute-long Real Gubernatorial Genius clips will provide some needed Friday election season humorous relief. … [Read more...]

Bob Beauprez Endorses 7th CD’s Ryan Frazier, Calls Out Ed Perlmutter

This is a great piece of news to read today from my next Congressman Ryan Frazier, and it comes not a moment too soon:Former 7th CD Rep. Bob Beauprez Backs Ryan Frazier, Declares Perlmutter Corrupt More evidence Washington has changed Ed Perlmutter Aurora, CO – Ryan Frazier, candidate for the 7th Congressional District, today announced the endorsement of former 7th Congressional District Rep. Bob Beauprez. Beauprez honorably served in the seat for 4 years before running for governor. Incumbent Rep. Ed Perlmutter’s (D-Golden) desperate campaign has consistently tried to use Beauprez’s comments in the primary election against Frazier, rather than defend a 98.3% voting record with Speaker Nancy Pelosi. "Those who live in glass … [Read more...]

Rep. Lois Court to constituents: “…unfortunately it is a First Amendment right for political free speech…”

Public forums for political candidates can provide some elucidating moments. Take yesterday's Windsor Gardens event with House District 6 rivals: incumbent Democrat Rep. Lois Court and Republican challenger Joshua Sharf. Joshua recounts some of the event on his blog:...what struck me most was my opponent’s claim that she votes how her constituents would vote on a given issue. In fact, her priorities seem to be far more arcane and abstruse than the concerns I’ve heard people talking about, and had she held more than three town hall meetings in the last two years, Rep. Court might have known that. When I knock on people’s doors, we talk about the budget, the economy, jobs, and education. Rep. Court’s priorities are public financing of … [Read more...]

Complete Colorado’s Real Gubernatorial Genius Takes On John Hickenlooper

First it was Tom Tancredo. Today, Complete Colorado releases the second in its creative Real Gubernatorial Genius series, featuring John Hickenlooper -- "Mr. Avoid All Controversy Until the Election's Over." Another minute well spent that is sure to crack a smile: The third and final edition featuring Dan Maes is due out on Friday. … [Read more...]