Daniel the Maes-siah: “Thou knowest that the only true prophet is the voice that speaketh on the Day of Election”

After seeing deeply flawed and failed Republican gubernatorial candidate Dan Maes "get biblical" on Facebook (H/T Complete Colorado), I had a late-night moment of "inspired" political satire that ended up as this. Please enjoy: … [Read more...]

GOP Candidate Owen Hill 4th Time Proud Papa Four Days Before Election

As Election Day draws very close, and the campaign intensity reaches a fever pitch, it can be easy to lose track of the truly important things in life. In that light, I received this morning the following press release from Colorado Springs Republican state senate candidate Owen Hill:Owen Hill, Republican candidate for Senate District 11, and his wife Emily are delighted to announce the arrival of their fourth child. Elinor Jane arrived early Friday morning weighing in at 6lb. 14oz. “Needless to say, that in the final hours of a political campaign, Elinor’s arrival is a great reminder that the reason I am running for this office is to make our community a better place to live in”, said Owen Hill. The Hill family is hopeful that Elinor will … [Read more...]

Buck vs. Bennet: National Taxpayers Union Tracks Proposed Spending

Despite the massive negative advertising campaigns and attempts to distract the voters with other issues, a major point that weighs on voters is what candidates want to do vis a vis federal government spending. Nowhere is this concern more salient than in the U.S. Senate race between Republican Ken Buck and appointed Democrat incumbent Michael Bennet (trying to hide his allegiance to President Obama's agenda from Colorado voters). You and I may not have time to analyze the details of how the respective candidates' proposals will affect the already bloated federal budget and the debt my children already face, but the National Taxpayers Union (NTU) has done the work for us. Here's the basic breakdown: Ken Buck's total agenda would … [Read more...]

CNN/Time Poll Partisan Sample Skews Results to Dems by 5 to 7 Points

...Of deconstructing polls there is no end; and much political analysis is a weariness of the flesh. (A gold star to the first reader who catches the reference) It's less than a week until the midterm election. We're being bombarded by polls. But simply put, they're not all created equal. In some cases, the problem is easier to see than in others. Take for example the new CNN/Time poll on Colorado races with a mix of credible and incredible top-line results (H/T Complete Colorado). The Denver Post's Curtis Hubbard picks up on some of the survey schizophrenia. This one merits a closer look. First, the seemingly credible: Republican Ken Buck leads appointed Democrat incumbent Michael Bennet in the U.S. Senate race, 47-46. Then … [Read more...]

Democrat Desperation Diaries: Treasurer Cary Kennedy Edition

Update, 10/29: Jessica Corry has a more thorough take on the topic in her latest Huffington Post column. She writes: "Shame on Cary Kennedy, now revealed to be just another typical career politician who will do anything to save her job." Read the whole thing. It's the last week in October. A pro-Republican Tea Party wave is coming through Colorado and the nation, carrying away Democrat officials who broke faith by pouring on their Progressive policies, spending your money recklessly and racking up debt. Some Democrats are more out of touch than others. For state treasurer Cary Kennedy, there has been her revealing moment of wanting to "drive a stake through" your constitutional taxpayer protections. But generally she has projected a … [Read more...]

Remembering My Grandma Hutchings, 100 Years from the Date of Her Birth

A brief but welcome break from politics.... Nearly three years ago I blogged a tribute to my Grandpa DeGrow (1907-1998) on the 100th anniversary of his birth. Tonight I share a similar tribute to my Grandma Hutchings (1910-2001) on the 100th anniversary of her birth. As I wrote in November 2008, expressing thankfulness for the legacy of my grandparents:Grandma Hutchings – my maternal grandmother – was a testament to patience and sweetness. She was hard-working, generous with what little she had, and nearly always teeming with quiet joys. And she endured no small share of hardships in her life. … [Read more...]

Ed Perlmutter Swings and Misses with Desperate Charter School Attack

The desperate silly season of electoral politics is upon us. Nowhere does the silliness and desperation resound more than from the campaign of an out-of-touch liberal Congressional incumbent in the fight for his political life. Look no further than my home district, Colorado's 7th, where Congressman Ed Perlmutter has fired a wild miss:Incumbent Democrat Rep. Ed Perlmutter has hit an all-time low in a desperate attempt to keep his fading political career alive. His latest attack ad wrongly criticizes Ryan Frazier for missing half of his volunteer board meetings at High Point Academy, the public charter school Frazier co-founded. Perlmutter’s attack ad has even disappointed the Board President of High Point Academy, Brandon Wyszynski. … [Read more...]

Conservative Guv Candidate Tom Tancredo Reaffirms Backing of Scott Gessler for Secretary of State

For those still wondering how third-party conservative gubernatorial candidate Tom Tancredo is more likely to govern -- at least when the choice is between showing support and loyalty to a highly qualified and credible Republican or an American Constitution Party spoiler -- it was encouraging to see today's release: … [Read more...]

A Tale of Two Polls in the Colorado Governor’s Race: Advantage Magellan

Update, 10/25: Casting further doubt on the Denver Post / SurveyUSA poll is today's release from the Democrat-leaning Public Policy Polling, which finds Hickenlooper up 47-44 over Tancredo, with only 5 percent in the Maes camp. This poll was conducted after both Magellan and SurveyUSA -- from Thursday, October 21, to Saturday, October 23. (H/T Curtis Hubbard, The Spot) On Friday conservatives were treated to the release of poll results from Magellan Strategies showing Tom Tancredo narrowly trailing John Hickenlooper 44-43 in the governor's race. This morning readers opened up the Denver Post to see its SurveyUSA poll showing Hickenlooper with a 49-39 lead over Tancredo. In both polls Dan Maes is stuck at 9 percent. The Magellan poll … [Read more...]

…And Then There Were None (State Legislators Backing Also-ran Dan Maes)

Last night retiring Republican state senator Dave Schultheis -- one of the conservative stalwarts under the Golden Dome -- announced that he is withdrawing support from Dan Maes and backing Tom Tancredo for governor:Much is at stake in this election, including the appointment of Supreme Court justices who will honor the law, decennial redistricting of State legislative boundaries, stopping the union takeover of state jobs, reducing the serious and negative effect of illegal immigration, the potential of modifying state statutes to allow the Republican Party to regain its majority status should it get less than 10% of the total gubernatorial votes, and much, much more. Furthermore, should Hickenlooper win, Colorado will become a far more … [Read more...]