Ironically-Named Accountability for Colorado Dishing Up Vicious Anti-GOP Smears with Teacher Union Money

As a political junkie, among the funniest things I find are the terribly misleading names given to those 527 groups. The Lefty Democrat big donors and unions have operated a slew of them. Remember the misleading Coloradans for Life from election cycle past? Well, in 2010 we have the Lefty 527 group Accountability for Colorado... And what could truly be less accountable? Spewing poison and slander about conservative state legislative candidates, and no one there to answer a reporter's phone call. A couple examples have been documented by local newspapers: The Pueblo Chieftain reports the group has attacked Republican state house candidate and local businessman Keith Swerdfeger: "The music sounds eerie and the announcer's voice is full … [Read more...]

How Did Bernie Buescher’s Office Absences Affect Military Ballot Access?

The Colorado Government Accountability Government Project (CGAP) reports that appointed Democrat Secretary of State Bernie Buescher "has spent one-fifth of his time as Secretary out of the office on personal matters." As the indispensable news aggregator Complete Colorado tags the story: "Weekend at Bernie's... Literally" According to a Grand Junction Sentinel story, Buescher questions the methodology of CGAP's report, saying it didn't factor in work he did after regular office hours. One point made in the story by CGAP's Stephanie Cegielski is crucial, though:“I understand that as an elected official, you are an elected official 24 hours a day,” she said. “My biggest concern was 8 to 5 because that’s when the staff is in the office and … [Read more...]

Betsy Markey Campaign School: Sara Gagliardi Skips Out on Candidate Forum

Colorado state representative Sara Gagliardi -- a fiscal liberal and union ally -- is right at the top of the list of Democratic incumbents whose seats are in jeopardy this fall. Having confirmed to appear at the September 13 Metro North Chamber and MetroNorth Newspaper candidate forum (screenshot of video below), Gagliardi was nevertheless absent. A vulnerable seat and an inability to show up to nonpartisan community candidate debates: Which is the cause and which is the effect? … [Read more...]

Many Races Up for Grabs, GOP Control of Colorado House Within Reach

Yesterday it was the final update of the state senate rankings. Now on to the state house. First, the overview: The Colorado House of Representatives has 65 members eligible to serve a maximum of four two-year terms. Every seat is up for election. Currently, the Democrats have a 37-27 majority with former Democrat Kathleen Curry serving as an unaffiliated representative. The GOP needs a net gain of six seats to claim the majority. Eight of the 37 Democrat seats are open, with 29 incumbents running for re-election. All but one Democratic incumbent has a formal challenger. Six of the 27 Republican seats are open, with 21 incumbents running for re-election. Democrats have offered no formal challenge to 10 of the GOP seats (seven held by … [Read more...]

Colorado State Senate Majority Looks to Hang on a Tight, Razor-Thin Margin

Nearing the middle of September, it's about seven weeks until Election Day. And in many counties ballots will start going out weeks before November 2. One oft-overlooked piece of the electoral puzzle comes down to which party will have control of Colorado's state legislature for the next two years -- a critical piece of setting state policy and the next round of Congressional re-districting. Today is Mount Virtus' final big picture look at the 2010 state senate races before Election Day. First, a little overview. The Colorado State Senate has 35 seats, with senators serving up to two four-year terms. Democrats currently hold a 21-14 majority. Roughly half of the 35 districts are up for election in any given cycle. In 2010, Colorado … [Read more...]

9/11: Pause and Remember

Now nine years past, the pain of September 11, 2001, seems like such a distant memory. But as always, the anniversary ought to be honored and observed -- in compassion for those most directly affected, in humble gratitude for noble sacrifices, in righteous resolve for peace through strength, in eternal vigilance for God's great gift of liberty. Take a moment today to pause and remember. Previous reflections on 9/11: 2009: Personal recollection 2008: Never Forget 2007: The next Tuesday, 9/11 2006: Prayerful resolve … [Read more...]

Just What John Hickenlooper Wants: “Crash Tax” Back in National Headlines

Earlier this week Fox News' Ed Barnes featured a story, "Accident Victims Being Hit Again -- With 'Crash Taxes'." You know what I'm talking about, the ordinances adopted in some cities to impose fines on non-resident motorists for getting in an accident. It's become a growing trend nationally, as tax revenues have taken a hit during the current recession. As Barnes details, sometimes municipalities contract with debt collection services to go after accident victims for money: … [Read more...]

Bernie Buescher Wants Earlier Primary Election: A Viable Campaign Issue?

I recently reported on the Department of Defense (DoD) denying Ritter-appointed Colorado Secretary of State Bernie Buescher's request for a waiver from the law requiring ballots be sent out to military personnel no later than 45 days before the general election. Less widely reported has been Buescher's call to address the problem by urging the legislature to move Colorado's primary election earlier on the calendar. Based on the waiver request sent to the DoD, it looks like the Democratic official would like to see the primary moved up 7 weeks -- from August 14 to June 26 in the upcoming 2012 election year. Of course, a change in the law would have an impact on the timing of the caucus and assembly process. (Statewide assemblies would … [Read more...]

Chinook Fund-Columbus Day Protest Link Raises Demand for Transparency in Hickenlooper’s Charitable Giving

Complete Colorado broke a story late last night that adds another twist to the governor's race -- specifically tying Democratic candidate John Hickenlooper and the Chinook Fund he founded to timely financial support of the "Transform Columbus Day Alliance" and its 2007 Denver protests that led to 83 arrests. Featuring a somewhat disturbing original picture, Complete Colorado notes:The 2007 Columbus Day Parade protests included bloodied fake babies in the streets. Writing on the Denver Post's political blog, Chuck Plunkett probes the issue more deeply:The Complete Colorado report helps provide a snapshot of how donating to “Transform Columbus Day Alliance” type groups causes these kinds of spectacle leads to real-life trouble for city … [Read more...]