Michael Bennet-Backed Obama Official, Former SEIU Lawyer to Rule in Client’s Defense Against Aggrieved Nurse

From National Review Online today:Carole Jean Badertscher was a California nurse who just wanted to go to work and take care of her patients — but the SEIU was determined not to let that happen. The union’s contract with Badertscher’s employer, the Pomona Valley Hospital Medical Center, had expired, and the union had called a strike in response. Badertscher and other nurses, unwilling to abandon their patients for the sake of a stronger SEIU hand in contract negotiations, resigned from the union and went to work. In turn, she was threatened by the union bosses, who promised to have her prosecuted under California’s antique professional-strikebreaker statute, which was long ago pre-empted by federal law. Badertscher and other nurses were … [Read more...]

Right Online: Great Vegas Opportunity for Conservatives in New Media

Next weekend is the annual Right Online conference, sponsored by the Americans for Prosperity Foundation. Specifically, it will be held Friday and Saturday, July 23-24, in Las Vegas. This is a great opportunity for conservatives who want to learn how they can help neutralize the advantage the Left has accrued in new media and online tools. A lineup of great speakers is on tap -- including members of Congress Mike Pence and Michele Bachmann, Herman Cain, John Fund, Judge Andrew Napolitano, and more. Registration is still open. I'm not able to make the trip (family reasons), which depending on your perspective might be all the more reason to go. But definitely give it a close look and find a great excuse to make a summertime visit to … [Read more...]

Survey: 59 Percent Say Scott McInnis Should Quit Governors’ Race

Update, 12:30 PM: Scott McInnis provides an official response to Hasan Family Foundation. Scroll down to the bottom of this post. As promised, the survey on what Scott McInnis should do closed at 9:00 this morning. In all, there were 177 participants -- including 173 registered voters, 93 percent of whom identify as Republicans and 7 percent of whom identify either as unaffiliated or third party (no Democrats participated). A brief summary of the survey results: … [Read more...]

Dean Boehler Responds to Shadowy Liberal Colorado Outlook Attacks

A couple days ago I reported to you about a strange tactic by the shadowy Left-leaning group Colorado Outlook attacking conservative Republican candidate Dean Boehler. Conventional wisdom would consider Boehler an underdog in the primary to moderate Republican, state representative Ellen Roberts. But the actions of Colorado Outlook sure suggest otherwise. This morning the Boehler campaign released a statement, which I've posted in full below the fold: … [Read more...]

Colorado State House Breakdown: Plenty of Tough Races Up for Grabs

On Tuesday I shared an update of the state senate rankings and concluded that Republicans still have a good shot at recapturing the majority (at least before the Scott McInnis fiasco unfolded, the effect of which on down-ticket races remains to be seen). It's time to update the state house rankings, and there are a few changes to report. All 65 seats are up for election this fall, but only about 20 to 30 of the seats have a competitive challenger. Most of those seats currently belong to Democrats, and the Republicans -- needing a net gain of six seats to hold a true majority -- are poised to take advantage. Will the GOP win the majority? Possibly. As it stands now, the numbers suggest Republicans will pick up between 5 and 8 seats. … [Read more...]

Survey: What Should Scott McInnis Do?

Update: Upon further deliberation, I've decided to leave the survey open a little longer. Today's Denver Post editorial calls for Republican gubernatorial candidate Scott McInnis to drop out of the race due to "revelations of extensive plagiarism in work [he] claimed as his own." While the Post has a quick Yes or No poll on its site to determine whether you agree with their editorial stance, I'm interested in a little more information. This morning I created a quick, 6-question, multiple choice survey to see what politically active and knowledgeable readers think should be done, and how it affects the state of the race. Click here to take the survey I will leave the survey open through tomorrow, Thursday, July 16, at 6 PM Mountain … [Read more...]

State Senate Updates: Lefty Group Enters GOP Primary, Dem Running Insurgent Write-In Campaign?

If I've been less than inspired to write much about the governor's race recently, I'm too downright disgusted to follow it now. I'd rather focus in on a couple items following up on my latest projection of Colorado's state senate races: 1. The top-rated race in the state, southwestern Colorado's Republican primary in Senate District 6, took a strange turn this week. I was taken aback by a Rocky Mountain Right diary reporting that an obviously Left-leaning group known as "Colorado Outlook" is sending out mailers attacking conservative candidate Dean Boehler. The group is listed in the Secretary of State database registered under the name of Julie Wells, the bookkeeper for a large share of the Left-leaning, pro-Democrat, and union-founded … [Read more...]

Colorado Republicans Maintain Good Odds of Winning State Senate Majority

It's been two full months since the last ranking of state senate races. A few candidates have been weeded out, and Colorado's primary election is four weeks away. Republicans need to pull off the feat of winning four seats to regain the majority in the 35-seat upper chamber, which means they have to take 5 of the 6 competitive races (out of 19 total this cycle). But it's certainly not outside the realm of possibility. In fact, based on recent fundraising reports, I feel more strongly about my prediction that there's a better than even chance of a GOP takeover. Without further ado, here are the updated rankings of competitive state senate races, based on the likelihood of switching party control: … [Read more...]

Western Conservative Summit: Reflections and Ruminations

Joshua has a great rundown of this past weekend's Western Conservative Summit. I was there for most of the day on Saturday, but unfortunately not able to catch the festivities of Friday evening or Sunday morning. Judging especially by the descriptions of the Michelle Bachmann and Arthur Brooks presentations, I regret missing them most of all. The personal highlight for the lovely Mrs. Virtus and I was the opportunity to hear Dennis Prager's enlightening and insightful address. He brings a lot of well-stated wisdom to the table, along with a genuine self-deprecating humor that endears him to the crowd. Even having heard his American Trinity discussed before, the speech never lost my attention. It was an excellent evening. A very … [Read more...]

Sara Gagliardi’s Fiscally Conservative Face Lift Can’t Fix Poor Voting Record

My state representative Sara Gagliardi is working overtime to try to project a fiscally conservative image in the upcoming election. The fact that the two-term Democrat has probably the most vulnerable seat in the state legislature in 2010 has more than a little to do with this truth-bending media campaign. In the course of one week, Gagliardi has published two pieces in the local press to trump up her credentials. First, her July 1 column in the Arvada Press touts the representative's co-sponsorship of HB 1119, aka the SMART Government Act, which she describes as providing "an innovative strategy to running our state using an approach called performance budgeting." The problem is the bill isn't really that innovative. The Democratic … [Read more...]