Rasmussen Welcomes Dan Maes to the Race in a 41-41 Tie with Hickenlooper

For the first time today, Rasmussen Reports released survey data on the Colorado gubernatorial race that included Dan Maes as a candidate. The result? A tie in the head-to-head matchup: Maes 41, Hickenlooper 41. At the same time, the presumed Republican frontrunner Scott McInnis leads Denver's Democratic mayor 46-41 -- a statistically consistent advantage over the past three months. Hickenlooper remains the candidate who draws the strongest reactions either way, while Maes' very favorable-to-very unfavorable ratio of 9-8 is similar in proportion to the more well known McInnis' 16-14. … [Read more...]

Stapleton, Gschwendtner, Hurlbert Await Fateful Day for Ballot Petition Results

Update, 6/11: Final results are in. As expected, Walker Stapleton moves forward. Gubernatorial candidate Joe Gschwendtner and state senate candidate Mark Hurlbert both failed to make the ballot -- the former by a mere 242 out of 10,500 votes. "They won't have Joe G to kick around anymore." One day to go for the Colorado Secretary of State's office to verify whether candidates who opted to petition onto the ballot collected a sufficient number of signatures to move ahead. The updated list is here (PDF). As of 5 PM on Thursday, five candidates (including Jane Norton for U.S. Senate) have qualified for the ballot and one was disqualified. The fate of two Democrat and five Republican campaigns are up in the air, including: State … [Read more...]

Ken Buck Leads Jane Norton 42-32 among Likely GOP Primary Voters

Don Johnson recently highlighted the latest Rasmussen poll showing potential head-to-head matchups among the four major candidates for Colorado's U.S. Senate seat. But of course, the four different possible matchups of Democrat vs. Republican will be determined by voters in their respective parties by August 10. As the two GOP candidates Ken Buck and Jane Norton vie to make their respective cases for electability as one factor among many to woo primary voters, it's also of great value to see how the two are faring against each other. A newly-released Magellan Strategies poll may be some of the best news Ken Buck has garnered yet. Among a representative sample of 1,026 likely Republican primary voters surveyed statewide, Buck holds a … [Read more...]

Outrageous Attacks Abound in Colorado GOP U.S. Senate Primary Race

If I were to pick candidates to support in this year's primary based on the ill behavior of political allies, I wouldn't be able to back Jane Norton or Ken Buck to be Colorado's next U.S. Senator. First, it was the over-the-top attacks from Norton lieutenant Josh Penry (whom I had enthusiastically decided to endorse during his brief, abortive run for governor) against Buck. Then yesterday I nearly fell out of my chair when I read this bizarre hit piece by Red State's Erick Erickson on Jane Norton. Until today, most of Buck-backer Erickson's jabs at Norton have been at least somewhat reasonable. Then he highlighted this passage from an AP story: … [Read more...]

Michael Bennet Fence-Sitting on Investor Tax Increase, Unemployment Benefit Legislative Scheme

The appointed U.S. Senator Michael Bennet appears to be wavering again. Maybe he needs to hear from constituents. Colorado's junior senator is on the fence about an egregious attempt by Congress to impose what the Wall Street Journal aptly describes as "the most punitive tax rates on investment income in recent American history." Steve Forbes clearly explains how destructive the proposal would be to the U.S. economy. But don't let that stop the Democratic steamroller in Congress. Better known as the American Jobs and Closing Tax Loopholes Act, the scheme is to combine the economic poison with an unrelated provision to extend jobless benefits to workers already strung out by the Obama administration's campaign against the private sector … [Read more...]

Mark Hillman Highlights Candidates for State Legislature Worthy of Support

In the long-term battle for liberty, limited government and Constitutional Founding principles, it is crucial to focus attention and energy on this year's election for state legislative seats. Among other things, these candidates bring the opportunity to change majorities before redistricting begins and strengthen the bench for future runs at higher office. Those who follow my writings here are familiar with my analyses of Colorado's 2010 state senate and state house races. In the same spirit, I was very pleased to see my friend and Republican national committeeman / former state treasurer Mark Hillman start a new feature on his "Capitol Review" email updates:This year, you're hearing much about candidates for federal office, but … [Read more...]

Major League Commissioner Bud Selig Should Recognize Tiger Pitcher Armando Galarraga’s Perfect Game

WHEREAS, on June 2, 2010, at Comerica Park in Detroit, Michigan, Detroit Tigers pitcher Armando Galarraga masterfully pitched a game against the Cleveland Indians in which he indisputably retired each of the first 26 batters he faced in succession with exactly 80 pitches thrown (62 strikes, 18 balls); and WHEREAS, Tigers centerfielder Austin Jackson made a tremendous, over-the-shoulder running catch off Indians second baseman Mark Grudzielanek for the first out of the ninth inning; and WHEREAS, with two outs in the top of the 9th inning, the 27th batter, Cleveland Indians shortstop Jason Donald, grounded the ball to Tigers first baseman Miguel Cabrera, who in turn flipped the ball to Galarraga, who clearly touched the bag with his … [Read more...]

Why Can’t Colorado Pick One Deadline to Submit Initiative Petition Signatures?

As many of you know, my Independence Institute boss has taken charge in leading a statewide ballot campaign to exempt Colorado from the kind of mandates imposed on us by Obama Care. What fewer people may realize is the immense challenge it can be to obtain 76,047 valid signatures (which typically requires collecting a much higher number of signatures to make sure you have enough valid ones) to reach the ballot in the first place. The current legal strictures enacted by our state legislature -- including not allowing paid circulators to collect signatures -- make it extra difficult for citizens to petition their government. It's even messier when you consider, as effectively documented by Ballotpedia, that the law contradicts itself in … [Read more...]