Memorial Day Reflection

One of our pastors shared this story from the pulpit yesterday morning about the late Medal of Honor winner Captain Ed Freeman, who put himself in harm's way to rescue many young wounded American servicemen in the Ia Drang Valley in November 1965. Dedicated to the hundreds of thousands of Americans who gave their lives in the military service to help preserve our freedoms: Spend a moment today to reflect on the true meaning of Memorial Day, and find a way to show your appreciation to a military member, veteran, spouse or family member. And God bless America! … [Read more...]

Denver Post Highlights Poor Voting Record of 7th CD Candidate Lang Sias

A candidate who hasn't voted in the last 10 years wants you to vote for him for Congress? Today's Denver Post article by Lynn Bartels casts more light on Colorado Republican 7th CD candidate Lang Sias:A former Democrat who lives in the 2nd Congressional District and hasn't voted since 2000 is running for Congress in the nearby 7th District — as a Republican. Supporters say Lang Sias' unorthodox political resume, coupled with a stellar military record, makes him the perfect person to run in a season when voters are fed up with establishment insiders. I guess if not participating in the democratic process to suddenly seeking higher office is seen as "unorthodox" -- it's hard to disagree. And the explanation from Sias' campaign manager … [Read more...]

What About Democrat AG Candidate Stan Garnett’s Union PAC Donation?

Lynn Bartels breathlessly reports that Boulder Democratic Attorney General candidate Stan Garnett has sworn off money from political action committees for his campaign. But a search through Garnett's 2007 district attorney campaign finance reports finds a 2007 contribution from the United Food and Commercial Workers. MSM reporters may want to probe a little deeper and ask some questions to discern whether the Democrats' AG candidate has had a moment of conversion or enlightenment (and if so why), or whether he is just another politician putting cynical hypocrisy on display. Can Garnett say with a straight face that labor union dollars don't count as special interest union PAC money? Inquiring minds want to know. It's not exactly a … [Read more...]

2010 Colorado Republican State Assembly Interviews: Special from PPC

Saturday at the Colorado Republican State Assembly I was privileged to conduct two dozen brief interviews of candidates, officials, dignitaries, advocacy groups and even a few activist delegates. Michael Sandoval filmed and edited the interviews, breaking them up into six chunks and posting them last night on the People's Press Collective. Warning in advance: The sound issues were challenging with the loud background noise of the Assembly, so some interviews are easier to hear than others. But I invite you to check them out. If you have limited time, likely the most interesting interview is with newcomer gubernatorial candidate Joe Gschwendtner in video number 5. Others interviewed include: … [Read more...]

State Employee Suffers Under Union Executive Order: Where’s Hick?

Coming off this weekend's big Republican State Assembly, we have heard both leading Republican candidates for governor -- Dan Maes and Scott McInnis -- declare the repeal of Bill Ritter's union executive order. I think we all get the point of how the policy is a raw deal for Colorado taxpayers. But what about state employees themselves? Enter Dave Ohmart, with his latest report:In a recent incident in Pueblo, Colorado WINS prevented Sgt. Jeff Hotchkiss, of the Department of Corrections, from participating in a vote that would have affected his work schedule. A few union members, very few, voted to make the correction officers’ work schedule 12 hours per day. The sergeant, and pretty much all other officers, were not allowed to … [Read more...]

Colorado Republican State Assembly: Review of Winners and Losers

Today was the Colorado Republican State Assembly, and a lot of first-time delegates filled the floor and the seats. Energy and enthusiasm clearly were higher than I've seen in the past few election cycles. I spent much of my time today conducting more than two dozen videotaped interviews of officials, candidates and delegates for the People's Press Collective (check back later for the video). The balloting results already have been posted by El Presidente, Lynn Bartels and Don Johnson. So in the meantime, before the videos go up (as well as a few photos I snapped), I'll share my list of winners and losers from this weekend's festivities, based on my personal assessment: … [Read more...]

May Survey of Colorado’s Political Temperature: Same Winners Emerge

For those who are interested, the results of the May survey of Colorado's political temperature are posted on Facebook. For a variety of reasons, including the transition to a new setting, participation in the survey is down significantly -- leaving perhaps the most dedicated and passionate 117 conservative Colorado political Facebookers (half of whom say they plan to attend Saturday's state GOP Assembly as either delegates or alternates) to chime in. A few highlights for your consumption: Ken Buck is a runaway winner in the U.S. Senate primary Dan Maes pulls in 50 percent, Scott McInnis about 30 percent and newcomer Joe Gschwendtner picks up a few votes Ryan Frazier, Cory Gardner and Scott Tipton remain clear frontrunners in their … [Read more...]

Colorado State House Breakdown: Majority Up for Grabs, Tiny GOP Edge

On Thursday I updated the rankings of Colorado's competitive state senate seats. After 15 weeks it's also time to update the Colorado state house rankings. A quick overview: There are 65 seats in the Colorado state house, and all of them are up for re-election every two years. State representatives are limited to four two-year terms of service. Currently, the Democratic majority holds 37 seats and Republicans 27, with one seat belonging to unaffiliated (and former Democrat) Kathleen Curry. Fifty-two incumbents are running to retain their seats: 30 Democrats (including 2 vacancy appointments), 21 Republicans (including 2 vacancy appointments) and Curry. That leaves 7 open Democrat and 6 Republican seats. Interestingly, Colorado … [Read more...]

John McCain to Host D.C. Fundraiser for 7th CD Candidate Lang Sias

A lot of hullabaloo has been made of late about U.S. Senate candidate Jane Norton's D.C. fundraisers. Less well known are the plans of 7th Congressional candidate Lang Sias. Four days after the 7th CD Assembly -- in which Sias will struggle against the strong grassroots base of support for conservative Ryan Frazier to secure 30 percent and get a place on the ballot -- Sias is planning a D.C. fundraiser at the Capitol Hill Club with John McCain. The following is the email from Lang Sias:As many of you know, I'm running for Congress in Colorado's 7th Congressional district. We're making some very good progress on the ground; we picked up a bunch of endorsements over the last week, and are charging into the Congressional district … [Read more...]