Which Nickname Should Honor Michael Bennet’s Ongoing Indecision?

While we’re killing time waiting for newly selected U.S. Senator Michael Bennet to make up his mind on the union card-check bill, we can entertain ourselves with a good, old-fashioned nickname debate.

The National Republican Senatorial Committee has started a video campaign (watch below the fold) to label Colorado’s junior senator as “Back ‘N’ Forth Bennet”:

On the other hand, El Presidente believes we should recycle a label used with some effectiveness against Colorado’s 2006 Republican gubernatorial candidate: “Both Ways Bennet”. I kind of like the ring of it.

Maybe my friends at Rocky Mountain Right can commission a poll to determine the better moniker for the Ritter-appointed Senator: the NRSC’s Back ‘N’ Forth Bennet, or the homegrown and familiar Both Ways Bennet. There may be additional ideas out there to submit as possible entries.

Or maybe you’re struck by the irony of my own nickname dilemma indecision.

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