“There are more things in heaven and earth…”: Brooke Greenberg’s Story

I like to visit Fox News from time to time, because the site tends to feature some unusual stories that may or may not go unnoticed. But this one I read today really struck me as something almost too bizarre and incomprehensible for your run-of-the-mill supermarket tabloid:

Brooke Greenberg continues to baffle her family and doctors.

At 16-years-old, Brooke weighs 16 pounds and stands 2 feet, 6 inches tall, MyFOXChicago reported. She can’t speak, but she can express frustration and happiness.

In other words, Brooke’s body and mind are that of a toddler.

According to the story, the Maryland girl has her original baby teeth and the bones of a 10-year-old. All three of her sisters are normal. Doctors are “baffled” but hypothesize that Brooke has a growth-inhibiting genetic mutation.

For some reason, what came to mind when I read this story were Hamlet’s words to his young best friend after Horatio first saw the King’s ghost:

There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, Than are dreamt of in your philosophy.

How this very special girl’s life will unfold and what the rest of us might learn from her are mysteries for now. Still, there are more things than I have dreamt of.

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