Survey Results: No Dominant GOP Choices Emerge; Frazier Tops Rivals

Update: As El Presidente points out: “Crosstabs and other analysis will follow in the next week.” We didn’t want political junkies to get their fix all at once. Besides, a little suspense never hurt anyone.

Introducing the top-line results from our recent survey of Colorado’s political temperature. More than 600 people participated in the project. Thanks to those of you who took the time to help out!

There were some definite winners in the candidate races, but given the unsurprisingly large share of undecideds at this point in the race, no one approached 50 percent. You can read the release below for more details — which also includes some information on the issue questions and demographics of those who took the survey:

July 2009 Colorado’s Political Temperature Results


  1. Publius says

    While this obviously isn’t an accurate reflection of the total electorate for the 2010 primary, it is refreshing to see that conservatives are engaging in the virtual campaign process leading in to next year’s elections. This was a great test the various campaign’s abilities to mobilize their support online.

    I found the demographic information particularly interesting, as it paints a picture of which groups are most active in the virtual sphere. Thanks again to Ben for putting a great deal of thought and effort into this poll.

  2. says

    Thanks for the comment. Credit also goes to El Presidente at Slapstick Politics (who came up with most of the survey questions), Mary Ila Macfarlane (who carefully proofread the survey before it was released), and Anthony at Rocky Mountain Right (who enabled us to do some cross-tab analysis, which will be forthcoming probably next week).

  3. says

    Ye know, mosta y’all here at Rocky Mountain Alliance 2.0 ‘r so fokused ohn Colorader issurs ‘n th’ GOP races fir legislateshur n’ the guvnership-att ye ain’t aware-a wut’s goin’ ohn in our nation in terms-a th’ popular reaction t’ Leviathan thar in DC (which Leviathan is empowered both by th’ Dims and yir preshus GOP). Y’all need t’ git yir heds outta yir. . . uh, outta th’ saind, n’ take a golderned look ‘round: at th’ 10th-Amendment movement, fir instance; at th’ fact-att Joe the Plumber is sayin’-att the GOP is ‘bout as bad as th’ Dims; at th’ fact that stalwurt neocon places such as Townhall’r publishin’ stuff like-iss:

    Thar’s some serious sh!t a-brewin’ in th’ country, folks. Y’all’d never know it reading Rocky Mountain Alliance 2.0. So may I humblee sujjest-att y’ kin follow wut’s truly important in-iss here reegard over-att ol’ Jones’ blog The Colorado Confederatarian?

    (Of course, th’ one happy exception to RMA 2.0 malfeesunce here is Steven Nielson’s blog The Liberty Republican. Y’all shud tune in thar ohn a reglar basis.)

    S. Jones

  4. says

    You probably wouldn’t have written that if you actually read the content you are complaining about. Or maybe you would have anyway. In this free marketplace of ideas known as the blogosphere, feel free to write about what you want. Until then, keep referring readers to Joe The Plumber & Townhall. Thanks for your generous concern.

  5. S. Jones says

    Well OK thin.

    Steve Nielson ‘n I discuss this further over at my blog, if’n yir intursted.

  6. says

    Okay, and if you’re interested in starting to fight the crucial battle against a government health care takeover, please continue to stop by here.

  7. Publius says

    Reaffirming the 10th Amendment is a great cause, and the long-term implications of returning power to the states makes it a crucial issue.

    However, focusing on the source of the problem while ignoring the consequences of having a ‘Leviathan’ (nice reference) currently in the White House is no better than the opposite; treating the symptoms and not the cause.

    What’s important is that everybody come to a common understanding of how we got here AS WELL AS how we fight the battles staring us in the face.

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