State Supremes’ ID Theft Ruling Lifts Case for Clear The Bench Colorado

One of the most tireless conservative grassroots organizers I know today received a small but certainly plum reward for his hard work. I’m talking about Matt Arnold from Clear the Bench Colorado, and the plug he received in a Valerie Richardson Washington Times article about another controversial Colorado Supreme Court decision:

The Colorado Supreme Court ruled Monday that authorities violated the constitutional privacy rights of illegal immigrants when they seized their tax records in an identify-theft investigation, a decision that infuriated illegal-immigration foes.

In a 4-3 decision, the court upheld a March ruling by a Weld County district judge, who held that tax returns are confidential and that prosecutors had no right to search one of the defendants’ tax filings. …

[Former Rep. Tom Tancredo] noted that conservatives have launched a movement, Clear the Bench Colorado, to oust four of the seven justices in November by urging a “no” vote on their retention. Decisions such as Monday’s ruling are likely to help the campaign’s cause, he said. [emphasis added]

Interestingly, the 4-3 breakdown of justices on this case was identical to the recent Lobato decision, in which the state supreme court majority decided it had a role in the political question of school finance.

As the Greeley Tribune also highlights, today’s high court ruling was directed at an effort spearheaded by Weld County District Attorney (and U.S. Senate candidate) Ken Buck to use illegal immigrants’ tax records to break an identity theft ring.

Back to square one for those victimized by identity theft, but a step forward in awakening Coloradans of the need to bring sanity back to the judicial branch.

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