Source: Bob Beauprez NOT Running

Update II, 6:10 PM: Within the past hour Bob Beauprez has sent out and posted an official announcement:

Not every opportunity is the right one though, and having been presented with the potential to serve in the United States Senate, Claudia and I considered it very carefully. However after significant reflection, I will not be a candidate for the Senate in 2010.

Recently, we started a new family business, raising buffalo on a ranch in Colorado’s mountains. I’m enjoying working with our son, Jim, who is managing the ranch, much as I worked side-by-side with my own father in the dairy business. And most personally, Claudia and I love being grandparents as well as spending more time than we’ve ever had with our grown children….

Guest-hosting for Dan Caplis, Beauprez also made the same announcement on air on 630 KHOW. Reading between the lines, I’d guess with a fair degree of certainty that he plans to endorse Jane Norton when she rolls out her campaign in the next few weeks.

Update, 3:15 PM: Caplis and Silverman said an announcement from Bob Beauprez is coming before today’s show ends at 6 PM. Looks like the KHOW co-hosts will be second to break this story.

As of this afternoon I have it on very good word that former U.S. Congressman and gubernatorial candidate Bob Beauprez will NOT be running for the U.S. Senate seat against the appointed incumbent Michael Bennet.

There may or may not be a direct connection with the news I broke on Saturday that former lieutenant governor Jane Norton is in the race (an official September announcement is pending).

No word at this point on whether Beauprez plans to endorse anyone in the unfolding U.S. Senate primary, or if so, whom. But I can safely assume he will rally his support around the eventual Republican nominee. There’s a lot of time left in the process for grassroots Colorado Republicans to have their say who the nominee will be.

Today’s breaking news comes following last week’s poll results showing Beauprez as the most favored and well-known potential candidate and most likely among those tested to beat Bennet.

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