Sign the “No Stimulus!” Petition

Update, 2/9, Noon MST: Here is a wonderful, brief article by Dr. Paul Prentice explaining the fallacy of the name “stimulus” for this bill and why it’s a terrible economic prescription.

Update, 2/9, 11:30 AM MST: Many, many visitors report difficulty getting to Americans for Prosperity’s No Stimulus petition. Thanks to one commenter for pointing out another No Stimulus petition you can sign (from John McCain’s Country First PAC). Keep up the good fight, everyone!

Update, 2/2, 2 PM MST: Numerous commenters have pointed out they’ve had problems getting on the site linked below to sign the No Stimulus petition. Site hosts confirmed to me that a sudden and dramatic increase in traffic occurred after a mention on Rush Limbaugh’s show, causing a temporary crash. Please check back again shortly.

Opposed to the Obama-Democrat trillion dollar pork bill? Outraged by the idea of further mortgaging you and future generations of Americans on a spate of government boondoggles? Want to vent about it but at least increase the chance your voice might be heard by someone out there?

Then I invite you to take two minutes and join me in signing Americans for Prosperity’s “No Stimulus!” online petition.

Don’t waste any time. Please do it now. At least let it be known where you stand before our nation takes a big leap down the road to socialism.


  1. Daniel Marino says

    Get the lawyers out of congress, it was set up for the common citizen. Also ground Nancy Poloci’s jet, if we’re paying for it she flies couch as far as I’m concerned.

  2. gail leger says

    i would like to sign petition but can not do so due to the server–

  3. David Taylor says

    Unable to access ‘’: “You do not have permission to access this site . . . ”

    Oh well. Funny though that this site would have some type of restricted access.

  4. Terrell Varnadore says

    This Spending Bill set up by a democratic street gang organiser and part time senator elected to the highest office of our land is nothing more than a plan to extend government…It has very little in it to stimulate growth in our economy. We will just extend the Cradle to Grave mentality of the 60’s welfare program. The people who work and pay taxes in this country must not stand for this Ponsi Scheme by our elected officials. Call your Senators and Congressmen and let your feelings be known. Capital switchboard:202-234-3121

  5. Anita Sarrat says

    I have tried to access this site, even using the link provided above, and I keep getting an error message.

  6. Jacquelynn Paul says

    I tried to link to sign the no stimulus petition and got an ‘access forbidden’ message. How can I get past that to sign the petition. This is critical. Thank you!!

  7. Gary B says

    Website won’t let me in.
    “Do Not Have Permission….”
    What gives ??

  8. Karen says

    Petition, I was able to get to it, once by going here:

    and then in the body of the article is in color “sign the petition” that took me to the petition. My suspicion is that there are so many people signing it, the server crashed?

  9. Keith Brink says

    Democrats and Republicans In Name Only (Rhinos), can you say George Bush, are bankrupting this country.

  10. charles says

    Can’t access the petition. May be sabotage or too many people trying to access the petition. I hope the latter. Will try later tonight.
    02/02/09 2:50 PM PST

  11. jeff Howard says

    “change”….It’s all we will have left if we approve the

  12. Mary leber says

    This will probably be the first of four years of petitions. Rush was wrong is saying he hopes Obama fails. Rush should have said, “Obama has got to fail…in his far, far, left plans, policies and pickpocketing….”

  13. Catherine C Mann says

    We are all sick of the pork filled paybacks! No to this bloated spending bill that will do nothing for the economy. We elected you all to do what was best for the country and the people, not shove through your far left payback schemes. Do something worthwhile: DRILL, cut taxes, use a plan that WORKS, i.e. Reagonamics.

  14. says

    dear mr president,you are working for the american people now. it is time to put aside your own selfish self-interest.the time has come to start acting like the leader of the most powerful nation in the world

  15. John Carlini says

    If my credit cards are maxed out, I should take advantage of new credit card offers. Then I can spend more.
    Is that their thinking?

  16. Scot Meyers says

    MR President, Mrs Pelosi,
    There are better ways to reverse this economic down turn. cut payroll taxes for buisnesses, reverse the mark to market law for financial institutions. dolling out anothe 700 billion in por barrel spending is WRONG!!. that las t bail out bill had enough pork fatto KILL MY GRANDMOTHER!! breaks for a wooden toy arrow company COME ON!! enought is enough. Whe leading economists say this is NOT A stimulus. and recommend more tax cuts then why don’t you listen to them!!! NO STIMULUS!! NO STIMULUS!!

  17. Sal Solazzo says

    No way no how. This is a pay back to Obama’s contributors.

  18. Bob Wieser says

    This stimulus will bankrupt us, our children and our children’s children. I say no to the stimulus package. It’s time to face the music of our greed.

  19. Barbara Cook says

    Do NOT sign this so called Stimulus Bill. I’m terribly angry with and afraid of our national government office holders assuming so much power that will feed only them and not our American way of life. Our country will be selling its soul if this is approved

  20. Doris Houk says

    Please do not vote for this spending bill, misnamed as “stimulus”.

  21. Teleda Westhouse says

    Dear Mr. President,
    The point of a stimulus to help the economy is not for the government to spend our money, it is the people who should be spending the money. Do not pass this very FLAWED stimulus bill. Is Nancy Pelosi in charge now? It is time to listen to the American people. We do not want this GOVERNMENT SPENDING BILL!

  22. Crystal Walters says

    Mr. President, stop being a puppet. Mrs. Pelosi is not the President!

  23. Rebecca Cook says

    If you want a stimulus, give back our tax money and see how quickly the economy picks up.

  24. Gary Herren says

    Dear government, how about mailing all tax paying Americans a $10,000 dollar check and let them decide what to spend it on? That WILL kick start the economy. Also, how about a mandatory drug test for all well fair recipients before they free load monthly another check! That will also create jobs and I am POSITIVE it will cut the spending.


  25. Margaret A. Leonard says

    This thing is disgusting. Shame on anyone who votes for this Spending (not stimulus) package.

  26. george bielat says

    i am wondering why most of the news i get reports oppisition to this bill. then the president said this is the change the people voted for. sorry i get it now. that must have been the acorn registered voters. wake up AMERICA!

  27. Karen says

    No to the stimulus bill. I can not open the web page to sign the petition if any one knows a way to open the petition please post it soon.

  28. Kathleen Salmon says

    “Haste makes waste” This is not a stimulus bill. Mr. President, what happened to your campaign talk about hope. You are the one giving no hope!

  29. Randy Thompson says

    The national debt doubled during the last administration. What is Obama going to do? Quadruple it?

  30. Rosalie Yorro says

    Mr. President, stop trying to scare the Americn people into feeling we must pass your bill or it will be the end of America. We are AMERICAN’S and we do not scare easily. No to your Simulus package.

  31. D.Bonnell says

    This bill is nothing more then payback for special interest group. and a way to back door liberal spending programs that could never pass on their own merit. It will do little to create jobs and eventually it all has to be paid for.

  32. iris says

    Please make the petition available. It is not at this time. 10;00 A.M.

  33. Rosalie Yorro says

    Dear Mr. President Stop trying to scare the American people into feeling we must pass your bill or it will be the end of America. We are AMERICAN’S and we do not scare easily. NO to your Simulus Package.

  34. iris says


  35. John H says

    Vote for the stimulus package if you want to mortgage away our children’s, grandchildren’s, and great grandchildren’s future by giving them a debt that they cannot pay.

  36. DWAYNE REID says


  37. says

    No to Simulus Plan. We are Americans and do not scare easily. Hope this is accepted I have tried 3 times with no results. Wish me luck and God Bless America.

  38. Robert English says

    We have got to get organized! I’ve spent a half hour trying to sign the petition to voice my opposition to this porkulus bill–along with countless others.

  39. Amy Longmire says

    Obame LIED!!!!
    He said he would cut pork. He said he wouldn’t let lobbist rule.
    Where are the outspoken who claimed Bush lied?

  40. Charlene Reichlin says

    I went to several different No Stimulus Websites and whe you hit sign no stimulus it is blocked. There are several of us that want to sign but don’t know how to get to an unblocked signing site.

  41. Pat Perkins says

    Americans has only one way to get us going again that is to really turn to The Lord Jesus and he will take us out of this, we don’t need to keep spending money that don’t belong to us’ and that we could never repay.

  42. Sybil Rae says



  43. Michele Cameron says

    Let’s get over the Obamarama and sign the petition against the stimulus. It’s bull!!!!!!!

  44. says

    Mr President and Congress.
    You have no right to burden our children and grandchildren with this stimulas pkg.
    We want to remain a a republic where the people speak out for what we want. Your job is to protect us from foreign countries. Let the private sector do the creating of jobs. Please vote “NO”

  45. Ruby Chandler says

    Please, do not pass this bill. It will be detrimental to the economic well-being of this country. I beg you to work harder at passing a bill that will protect our economic stability, not add to it. Think, work, pray! As my little Granddaughter with CF says, “Gas er up, git er right, git er done!”

  46. RD Farrar says

    Why not have the republican plan that will give twice the jobs at half the investment. What this thing is can only be a Pelosi and Reid payment for democates past and future votes in the congress.


    Evidently Obama is to dumb or lazy to craft the package HE pormised in the campaign!

    I have tried to go to the no stimulus web site, but it seems to be down. Who did that, those millions that do not want this bill passed or the democrates that do not want the votes to show up??

  47. James Riesel says

    Dear Mr. President,

    The promises of no wasteful spending seem to have been lost in your whirlwind entry to the White House. This Stimulus Bill is simply more bad government. I guess at some point the American people need to recognize how arrogant and corrupt our leaders have become. The Founders of our nation will be rolling over in thier graves.

  48. Lester Bouchon III says

    STOP TAKING MY MONEY and giving it to your friends and people who dont feel like working because they make more money chasing around government and lawsuits!!

  49. says

    February 8, 2009
    Does Obama want to be known as king Obama and we will all be expected to be loyal subjects. The “Pork” bill is not in touch with reality and the american people. So what if you can get an incentive for a new car or a new house, you really need a job in order to pay for this don’t you? I hope that I can sign this petition because I want my voice to be heard. Instead of attacking the business leaders (that create jobs) shouldn’t the verbal attack be on the national leaders that have there own fortunes and could careless about “Joe Blow”. I am from Illinois and I am sick to death of business as usual. Remember they won’t be happy until we are all broke and totally dependent on the government. America is bleeding to death and the pt. is almost dead. The blood transfussions we have given so far is not helping because we are still hemmorahaging. When the government gets its way with the stimulus plan you might as well say the life support plug is pulled.

  50. Marilyn Kolber says

    I am happy to sacrifice when it is the right thing. This bill is the same old stuff Nancy Peloci has been advocating for years…..please, for the sake of our wonderful country, go back, rethink this and give it some time. We will be fine if you do. NO to the present package.

  51. tom watts says

    this is your government shuting down this web site nostimulus

  52. B Kolber says

    No to the package as it stands. Simplify and make it 100% stimulus.

  53. Charles Lowden says

    Cut Corporate Taxes and stimulate our Economy.
    O ur corpororate taxes are the highest in the world.
    This Stimulus Bill is a Gov’t “giveaway” that will not work just like it didnt for 10 years in Japan or anywhere else in the world. Listen to our Economists who know what they are talkin about; NOT Politicans.

  54. says

    When times are tough, one is beholden to REDUCE outlays, NOT INCREASE them. This ‘stimulus package’ will not help us taxpayers, it will only result in bigger government and higher taxes for a very long time which is what our country’s founders fought against. Burn this thing!

  55. charlie says

    Tried to sign it too same problem as rest of you cant get on website.Probably some liberal hacker or the web is just overwhelmed with response… thinking about starting petition to admend constitution to allow iniative by citizens to recall their federal legislators like you do on state level any thoughts?????

  56. Ben Padgitt says

    Say no to this so called stimulus bill. It is payback by the democrats to their supporters. The one out of the gongress even had BILLIONS for ACORN and other left wing groups Like ACORN.


    Spending bills did not work in the great depression and will not work this time either. What ended the depession was WW2.

  57. says

    NO! NO! NO! Stimulus Bill.

    We no longer have representation in Congress.
    They, for the most part, are a grievous, no brainor,
    self-indulgent grunts..

  58. Donald King says

    This is too much pork and not good for our country. This is not a stimulus just more junk. I reject this pork bill.

  59. Ernie Weaver says

    This boondogle is not a stimulus package – it’s an outright “payback package” for machine liberals. Arlen Spector can count on being out of office next time around. This latest trick of his (supporting the boondogle) shows his true liberal colors. How could any one have thought that Obama was going to be “bipartisan” or middle of the road? If they would reduce corporate taxes on exports (and insist the savings are passed through on the selling price), we could see immediate, positive, results. Our financial woes are going to drag the rest of the world down with us.

  60. Robert Pullman says

    If you vote to pass this bill, we will vote to kick you out.

  61. Alma Padgitt says

    I did have hopes for Obama but I see little JOB creation in this bill. It is turning out to be more a welfare bill with lots of PORK. So much so that it is slippery. The housing was the big cause of this slowdown and that is were the money needs to go to stop it. There are just to many unsold homes. We cannot give this relief to people that can not pay their mortgages.


  62. Judith Pullman says

    The only stimulas that is exceptible is one without pork in it, and were not stupid like you think we are.

  63. charles mcdonald says

    Congress needs to slow down and read this bill; remove the billions in Pork! Then go with items that can actually stimulate the economy, not just pay back the Dem’s supporters.

  64. genell sims says

    can not get through to sign petition. Has anyone else set up a new site?

  65. Rich Dieffenbaugh says

    No, no This is a bad idea and will destroy our nation.

  66. Truxton says

    Ever notice that no matter if we get a Republican or a Democrate in office we allways end up with larger govenment? Ron Paul was the only candidate running who was talking about reduceing this overly burdonsome government and look how he was treated by his own party.

  67. Karl Beckman says

    Several attempts to access this petition have been unsuccessful. No sure why!!

  68. L. Schermerhorn says

    NOOOOOO! Hear my voice! Hear all our voices!!! This will destroy our country!

  69. dia says

    Dear Mr. persident, what happened to the promises? All we see is the Pelosi and Mr. Reed wishes. Are you in charge? It doesn’t look like it. Just say no.

  70. Rebecca Boaz says

    I just say no for many reasons…please listen to the people of the country….we want change but not the kinda of change you are currently giving’s still the same old politics just on the other side…you said no more “pork” projects…this bill is full of socal programs i.e. “Pork”…
    I want smaller gov’t not bigger…we are tired of politicans and it feels like more of the same…I will work hard to vote out any congressman or senator that votes for this bill ….

  71. Edward A Nave says

    Mr. President, you yourself stated that the government works for the American people. Well Listen to what the people are saying. We are saying NO to putting the next generations into so much debt. Put aside your own selfish agenda and do waht we ask.

  72. Rhoda says

    Obama wants to boost the confidence of Americans so we will spend our money. It’s time to cut the pork, reduce our taxes, and allow working taxpayers to bring home leaner checks.The more the government takes, the more they spend. Thats how we got in this situation to begin with.

  73. Sid Moffett says

    The website doesn’t work. Obama is on Fox News now. Is he telling us a lie? Answer: his lips are moving!!!! I love my country, but with “leadership?” like we have now, HOW CAN ANYONE TRUST OUR GOVERNMENT?

  74. James Cogdill says

    This big eared fool needs to listen to us WE DO NOT WANT THIS BIG SPENDING BILL

  75. john says

    This A Bill Designed to pay back all of Obama’s supporters. Mr President you can not silent the people”s, whelming objection! You and your party will have to answer to people of this nation, someday.

  76. Larry & Linda Barnhart says

    We tried to get to the petition but as others have said the server has crashed so,

    NO to the stimulus bill, quit trying to jam this down our throuts.

  77. sandra hartz says

    with this stimulus folks. consider reading up depression survivial. oh, and i see he didnt take his scapel to d.c.

  78. Elyse says

    The “No Stimulus” website is still down. I wonder if it’s been hacked by one of Obama’s Chicago thugs.

    Michael Steele made a good point during an interview with Stephanopoulos. He said, referring to the proposed bogus government jobs to be created in this present bill, “No, it’s not a job. A job is something that a business owner creates.”

    This stimulus bill must be rejected and a new one must be drafted with both parties at the table.

  79. Amy B says

    I can’t get to the petition either: 2/9…
    I am totally against the porkulus package too!!!

  80. Calvin Buck says

    Please stop this stupid pork filled Government controlled Bill. Most American people are smarter than that.

  81. says

    Obama said he will give us change, and he will, it will not be long before we will have to call each other comrades.Our children and our grandchildren will have to pay for this bill. They will not have the same quality of life that we have enjoyed (for which we have worked to achieve )

  82. Nancy L says

    Last economy this bad? 1974. What stimulus plan was applied to cure it. NONE! Let nature take its course. Pull ALL of this pork project. Want to run the U.S.? Lie, cheat and steal. If this is change, bring back Cal Coolidge.

  83. says

    I can not get through to sign the petitions. Who is
    blocking access ? The left wing democrats thats who.


  84. John H Gibson says

    Still trying to sign the petition going to keep trying where is the petition to get rid of Obama, Pelosi and Reid

  85. Nancy L says

    By the way, why doesn’t anybody remind the country that in 2002 and 03, Bush and Cheney went to Congress and warned them to address the alarming mortgage situation — specifically Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac — but the Democratic Congress turned a deaf ear. Now all one hears is that that debacle is Bush & Cheney’s fault! What cheek! Not the country I grew up in. I feel like Alice In Wonderland in the U. S. today.

  86. Rose M. Wall says

    This is the most outragous bill to come out of Washington in my lifetime and I’m not young. I see that Acorn is still in this bill. They keep getting bigger, and the Unions keep getting richer. If you are older and American, sorry, but you get at the shaft and get at the end of the line if you need medical care. Come on folks, lets kill this bill as it is written. Contact your Representative and Senator and let them know what you think.

  87. Beverly Merkel says

    Enough of throwing our money to the wolves. This is a pork-laden bill with little stimulus. We’re being robbed again as taxpayers who can barely exist as it is.

  88. JoEllen Pritchard says

    NO Nancy…NO Barney…NO Harry….NO Barack…NO…NO… NO!! Do we all look stupid? You are nothing but a bunch of scammers…you say one thing and do another…none of you have the American public’s best interest! It is time for our Federal Government to be held accountable for every penny spent…and STOP spending our money on B.S. and people who don’t contribute and have never contributed!Don’t forget, YOU work for US!!! WE put you in office and WE can take you OUT!!!!!!!
    You can sign the petition through John McCain’s site also.

  89. Lucille R. M. says


  90. Skipper Mercer says

    We will all be called biggots for not backing obama!!!!

  91. says

    you have taken enough of my money already, I can’t put another notch in my belt. I cannot support these fat cats in Washington, this stimulus bill is full of garbage!!!!!!!!! SOOOOOOOOO dissapointed in Specter…………………..

  92. Karen says

    I have attempted several times to access the petition at Are they aware there are problems with their Web site? Can someone let them know?

  93. Jim says

    This enormous pork bill needs to be stopped. Ordinary citizens need to voice their opposition. We must get all like thinking Americans involved before it’s too late.

  94. says

    if the people in this country do not wise up it will be too late. the united states of america will no longer exist. why cant people see what is happening.

  95. says

    Keep trying – the No Stimulus petition is back up again, after being inundated earlier today. Make your voices heard!

  96. Bryanj says

    I think the wrong people are getting this package. If you want to put people back to work creat a school, program to reteach these people and then have jobs for them when they are retrained for what ever job there is in the field that they want. Something like they diod back in the 70;s. That worked and it can work again.

  97. Dennis says

    Bush and his cronies ruined us ,now drastic measures have to be taken ,get over it republicans and loud mouth rush!!!

  98. Allen Johnson says

    This first bale out had no accountablity or repercussion, and now the tax payer has to pay for the goverment mess.
    Why do you think additional spending that is full of pork added prgrams will help. I can only see this as digiing a hole we can never get of. By the way who is going to compensate me for all the moeny we have lost with the stock market and 401 K , ie Banks that told the US invester that nothing was wrong. Basicly the US goverment is stelling from us. Why should we even pay any taxes. Oh; I forgot that the illegals and lazy people that support your liberal ideas do not have to pay taxes or to be accountable and will be given free health Care.
    Boy am I pissed! How is this fare!

  99. Mark says

    How and who got us here is not the issue. The issue is why are we repeating the colossal mistakes of the past? FDR, Truman, Bush all made huge gaffs trying to make the economy stronger. Let the pain of stupidity and poor choices be the rudder of this recovery. Let the free market rule. I thought this was the new era of hope and change. Not screw you and pass the pork

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