Senate Bill 57 School Transparency Defeated But Not Forgotten

It’s been a full week since the establishment education lobby and Democrats on the House Education Committee teamed up to kill the spending transparency in Colorado’s Senate Bill 57.

Amazingly, this little bill that (almost) could in our Colorado state legislature is still making national waves. From an essay written by Paul Miller and published today by American Thinker:

This past week in Colorado, Senate Bill 57, also called the Public School Financial Transparency Act, which simply require public school districts to put their spending online, died in committee. How could any responsible public official forbid parents from seeing how their tax-dollars are spent educating their children?

The answer to that question is simple: Taxpayer-funded lobbying associations and National Education Association.

Thank you, Paul, for keeping the spirit of this important fight alive. And same to Colorado’s own Ben Hummel — who came out today with another one of his brilliant cartoons, lampooning the politicians who told the taxpayers to take a hike on school spending transparency.

Transparency lives on….

For the record, it is worth noting that the National Education Association’s state affiliate, the Colorado Education Association (CEA), took an officially neutral position on SB 57. Its lobbyists did not provide testimony in favor or in opposition to the bill. However, the Colorado Spending Transparency blog has pointed out the link between the House Education Committee members who voted No on transparency and thousands of dollars in CEA campaign contributions received.


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