SB 228 a Sure Way to Lower Colorado’s High Economic Freedom Ranking

Sean Paige (the American Contrarian) points readers to a recent study from the Mercatus Center at George Mason University that shows Colorado ranks 3rd among the states in economic freedom.

Apparently, statehouse Democrats, along with the occasional useful Republican, strongly feel Colorado ranks too high. How else do you explain Senate Bill 228?

One of the leading arguments against SB 228 – including among the moderate sectors of the business community – has been the threat posed to a reliable stream of transportation funding. But a watcher makes the case that the real winning argument is simply to demonstrate the outrageous growth of government caused by repealing the 6 percent spending cap.

I say: Give me both arguments. Whatever the case, SB 228 is bad policy and a sure way to chip away at Colorado’s proud and hard-earned high ranking in economic freedom.

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