Ryan Frazier Touts Endorsements from Wide Range of “Influential Coloradans”

As Don at Business Word notes, the Ryan Frazier campaign yesterday touted a list of endorsements from “nearly one hundred influential Coloradans” in his bid to be the next Congressman from the 7th District. Yes, the list contains the names of some heavy-hitters — including Phil Anschutz, Pete Coors, Attorney General John Suthers, and former Governor Bill Owens.

But at least as telling to me is that Ryan Frazier has earned the support from both my friends Jessica Corry and Libby Szabo, the last two Republican candidates for state senate District 19. Why so significant? Jessica is a young up-and-comer from the more libertarian wing of the party. Libby is more of a traditional conservative and a longtime activist well known in Jefferson County Republican — especially Arvada (House District 27) — circles.

The fact they both (along with many other Republicans of prominence at different levels) have thrown in with Ryan Frazier is an important sign that he has picked up necessary traction after switching from the U.S. Senate race five weeks ago.

Sealing the deal with the grassroots should be a major focus for Frazier in the few months leading up to the caucuses — especially with primary opponent Brian Campbell (among others) and potential primary opponent Jimmy Lakey lurking out there.


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    The support comes, IMO, simply because the Republican party has anointed Frazier for CD 7. They told him what race he was welcome in and in what race he could expect their support.

    No need to see who the actual voters would get behind, just sit back and see who the party picks.

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    Keith, Except that some of the names on the list are much closer to “actual voters” than to big donor or party bigwig status. The time for the actual voters to speak is between now and the caucus / assembly process (March-May).

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